Looking to the future

The world changed dramatically this year, both personally and professionally.

We have been forced to adapt to a new reality. Travelling is a luxury we can no longer afford. Therefore, our contacts are less human. We are ready to meet virtually at any time with anyone in the world, but we have lost the personal touch.

This year has affected our daily lives and has brought concerns and challenges that we have had to overcome with a considerable effort. Many times, with the support of health and essential services professionals, whose work must be recognized.

In the water sector, the pandemic has proved that utilities with a more advanced digital transformation can stablish better procedures that safeguard their workers and guarantee the service for citizens. Utilities globally have understood that they need remote operation for their management, regarding work orders, smart metering or digital twins. They have decided to take the digitizing agenda seriously.

In this unprecedented year, Idrica has established itself as the leading company specializing in water cycle management. One of our most relevant contributions has been the early detection of the level of genomic COVID-19 charge in the population, thanks to wastewater-based epidemiology and the use of technological solutions. We are proud to have provided a decision maker system for governments in more than 20 cities around the world with a combined population of almost 10 million people, in just a couple of weeks.

Our commitment to 2021 is for utilities to be better prepared for the future and for citizens to have safer, enhanced access to water. Remote operations management, water and energy efficiency, enhanced asset management, water reuse, smart cities, resiliency plans, smart irrigation and the reduction of the water carbon footprint are only some of the changes that digital transformation can bring about.

Water is in fact at the centre of any environmental policy. But it is not the only aspect that needs to be taken into account. In my own experience, collaboration with all stakeholders and open innovation are the only way to reshape the future. I would like to thank all of our partners, providers and team for their on-going commitment and support during these challenging times.

Let’s keep building a smart circular economy next year, together.

Jaime Barba, CEO Idrica

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