Idrica participates in ANEAS Congress in Mexico

The city of Irapuato, Mexico, will be hosting one of the most important water sector forums from December 5-9. National and international experts, entrepreneurs, and water and sanitation specialists will be meeting at the 34th ANEAS Congress 2022 to explore ways to improve management of this scarce resource.

The National Association of Water and Sanitation Institutions in Mexico (ANEAS) has been organizing the meeting since 1986. After a two-year hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic, over 4,500 attendees are expected this year.

Idrica, an international company specializing in the digital transformation of the entire water cycle, is sponsoring the event. In addition, the multinational will have a booth at the congress and Idrica’s Country Manager in Mexico, Nicolás Monterde, will be giving a presentation at the forum.

The five-day meeting will be showcasing the best practices in water and sanitation management, working to transform the industry.

ANEAS will also be acknowledging excellence in the Mexican water sector with its Water Carrier and Merit Awards.

Come to booth 82 and talk to our experts

Find out how Idrica can help overcome current water challenges through digital transformation. Come to our booth and discover the company’s unique value proposition, which is based on the efficiency and quality of its services and its GoAigua solution.

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