How Belforest Water System is making rapid advancements in digital transformation

Belforest Water System makes rapid advancements in digital transformation – Delivering exceptional customer service and streamlining utility management

Founded in 1973, Belforest Water System (BWS) is a non-profit corporation providing water to 5,000+ homes and businesses in the Daphne, Alabama area. Located on the eastern shoreline of Mobile Bay, Daphne has historically been a rural area but recently, it has been experiencing rapid development. In fact, the population is expected to double over the next 10 years!

Rapid growth in the Daphne, Alabama area has spurned BWS’ commitment to digital transformation to efficiently scale operations. By investing in smart technologies and a single smart water platform to manage the utility operations centrally and easily, BWS can continue to serve the community well and provide excellent customer service, while minimizing operational costs.

In just 2.5 months, GoAigua integrated all existing data sources into one secure software and analytics platform to deliver full connectivity across the utility. This eliminated silos of information (from SCADA, GIS, Lab Results, Billing, AMI, and more) and enabled a holistic view of processes and infrastructure in real time, which can be accessed from anywhere and from any device. Creating this single source of truth for all data and systems was key to unlocking advanced analytics and insights for BWS.

Belforest Water System

Read this case study to hear more about how GoAigua is helping BWS meet the demands of a growing community, including:

  • Optimizing asset performance
  • Automating processes to ensure water quality
  • Simplifying emergency planning
  • Visualizing all service connections and potential issues
  • Automating board reports
  • Revolutionizing SCADA data
  • Minimizing non-revenue water

For more information, download the complete case study here.

“GoAigua took our list of needs and quickly, efficiently made a plan to address them and answered each item in turn; providing remarkable results in weeks.”
Amanda Selph, Business Manager

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