GoAigua delivers full data connectivity across the utility of Chino, California, simplifying the path to digital transformation

Chino is a city in San Bernardino County, California, less than an hour to the east of Los Angeles. It was founded in 1910 and has a rich agricultural history dating back to the Spanish land grant forming Rancho Santa Ana del Chino.

In early 2020, Chino city leaders met with the GoAigua team to discuss the digital transformation of Chino’s water utility. With goals to integrate disparate systems, reduce non-revenue water, ensure high levels of customer satisfaction, reduce energy costs, and proactively manage operations and maintenance, GoAigua created a roadmap and began the digitization process.

With multiple water sources and various existing technologies and vendors, the Chino team was looking for simpler, more proactive utility management. Chino was ready to modernize, and with digital transformation champions from their operations and finance departments, it was critical that GoAigua solutions spanned both areas.

In just two months, GoAigua integrated real-time data from 2 SCADA systems, GIS, smart meters, and more into one secure software and analytics platform to deliver full connectivity across the utility. This eliminated silos of information and enabled a holistic view of processes and infrastructure in real time, from anywhere. Creating this single source of truth for all data and systems was key to unlocking advanced analytics and insights for Chino.

The Chino-GoAigua partnership has delivered many quick wins and solid positioning for long-term success in Chino’s comprehensive digital transformation process. Results include:

  • Implementing a single data core to unify all existing data sources and systems, eliminating silos of information
  • Creating a single source of truth to unlock advanced analytics and insights
  • Turning billions of data points into actionable insights for utility operators, engineers, and leadership
  • Making utility consultants more efficient and effective with better resources and information
  • Expediting maintenance activities for utility operators with better insights
  • Setting up an early warning system for leaks, non-revenue water, fraud, and other important issues

“One of our treatment facilities stopped pumping for a total of 7 minutes around 4:00am on a Monday morning. Instead of getting an alarm and having to physically go to the facility to check the pump status, I was able to access GoAigua remotely from my home laptop, saw that the pump resumed normal functionality, and got a few more hours of sleep!” – Uchenna Ezea, Water Systems Operator, City of Chino.

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