COP25 selects the case study Gandía Smart Water City as an outstanding project

The case study of smart water management in the city of Gandía has been chosen as an outstanding project by the Conference of the Parties (COP) in its 25th edition, organized by Chile and held in Madrid (Spain), from 2-13 December 2019.

COP is since 1995 the supreme decision-making body of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). COP25 and the countries which are part of it seek to move towards the implementation of the agreements whose aim is to fight climate change.

The General Manager of Vodafone Business in Spain, Daniel Jiménez, and Diana Morant Mayor of Gandia have been invited to IFEMA to present the case study “Gandía Smart Water City”. Due to this pioneering project, the city became the first in Europe to digitalize its water supply management with smart metering, NB-IoT and Big Data technologies.

COP25 Gandía presentation
Diana Morant (Mayor of Gandía) and Daniel Jiménez (General Manager Vodafone Business)

The project is the result of a joint effort between GoAigua, Vodafone and Gandia’s Town Council, with the aim of boosting the improvement of water efficiency, optimising resources and providing an excellent service to citizens.

The plan includes the implementation of 40,000 smart meters that transmit information on hourly consumption. This data is received by Vodafone’s NB-IoT network, and then integrated into GoAigua’s IoT and Big Data platform in order to offer innovative services.

The results include savings of 0.5Hm3 of water per year, a yearly reduction of CO2 emissions by 112 tons and the early detection of 200 leaks each month, both in homes and industries. In addition, value-added services can be offered to citizens, who may receive alerts when internal leaks or consumption in empty houses is detected, along with other incidents, via a mobile application. Vulnerable groups also receive special protection from social services, as they are alerted if irregular or interrupted consumption patterns are detected in their homes.

In short, this is an innovative project that optimizes efficiency and transparency in water management in Gandia. It also opens new horizons thanks to the quality NB-IoT network that from now on makes it possible to integrate any Smart City project that counts on this technology.

More information:

GoAigua is the pioneer company in digital transformation for the water industry. It is the result of the successful digitization of Global Omnium. The firm manages more than 700,000 smart meters, and has established itself as a global technological partner offering innovative solutions for the integral water cycle management.

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