Digital transformation, now more than ever

The ability to adapt is one of the characteristics that defines the success of companies. In a context of crisis, having a reliable solution for both telecommuting and remote operations management becomes a must.

GoAigua technological solution allows water service operators to have at their disposal all the information necessary to improve decision-making processes and guarantee the continuity of their service in an efficient and safe way. Thanks to its predictive capabilities, by means of advanced algorithms and the study of consumption patterns, the technology anticipates situations that may occur and offers the best solutions, saving costs and avoiding unexpected circumstances.

GoAigua Digital Twin

The situation that has arisen due to COVID-19 has meant the suspension of a significant part of economic activity, causing a change in consumption patterns at all levels, both urban and industrial.

GoAigua technology allows to obtain the right solutions for each of the possible scenarios and solve them with the maximum guarantees. In relation to the monitoring and remote operation of infrastructure, a good example is the remote control of microbiological risk in water. When confinement at home means that the tap is the main point of supply, ensuring water quality is particularly important.

The positive impact of technology is reflected in any action or need that arises at a time of crisis. GoAigua allows the identification of events for which on-site attention is necessary, optimizing the management of work orders to minimize the exposure of operators or customers to the virus. In addition, the delimitation of the search area for leaks shortens response times and duration of work in the field.

The management of water supply, sanitation and purification is key, but so is limiting the exposure of workers to the virus.

GoAigua also allows the control, monitoring and analysis of consumption at any supply point, letting us know if there are leaks in a public center (hospital, residence, school…) in order to take the appropriate measures. The system prioritizes the resolution of these incidents and generates specific work orders.

In relation to the operation of distribution and sanitation networks, the combination of mathematical models with technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning ensures a continuous supply of water. In addition, the simulation of critical scenarios allows the manager to anticipate events, thus avoiding possible incidents in the operation of the networks.

This same system allows remote reading of consumption via IoT with no effect on the service, postponing visual checks. All the consumption information is available in the virtual office, where users can see their consumption, send their readings and even pay online.

In short, GoAigua technology is helping water utilities adapt to the new context of crisis, ensuring the continuity and quality of water services, regardless of the time of day.

Would you like to know more about how to ensure the continuity and quality of services, even in a context of crisis? Discover how GoAigua technology helps water utilities overcome current challenges by reading our case study.

digital transformation

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