Idrica guides SACMEX in the digital transformation of Mexico City’s water system

Idrica’s first project in the Mexican market is based on digital technology solutions for the integrated management of the water cycle in one of the largest cities in the world.

Idrica has been working with Mexico City’s water utility (SACMEX) since July 2020 on the comprehensive digital transformation of the city’s drinking water supply and drainage system. The goal of this partnership is to implement an innovative solution to improve water resource management and to optimize them through digital transformation.

Idrica’s work was based on two lines of action. First, the company carried out a study to analyze the current status of SACMEX’s digital transformation and to identify new needs and requirements. This analysis, which was completed in December 2020, provided a clear overview of the processes, technologies and systems currently in place, and enabled Idrica to propose a plan to enhance the digital transformation of the utility.

In addition, Idrica deployed its smart water management platform, GoAigua, in a specific area of Mexico City (Sistema Poniente) and the districts of Benito Juarez and Iztapalapa. “This meant we could test in situ, with a small-scale pilot, the results that would be obtained through a comprehensive digital transformation process” stated Nicolás Monterde, Country Manager for Mexico.

These digital technology solutions are aimed at integrating water cycle management. They include Smart Scada, which provides an overview of operations by integrating decentralized data and advanced algorithms for decision-making, and the Leaks solution, for detecting leaks, fraud and meter tampering in real time. In addition, Idrica also started to deploy its GoAigua Smart Metering technology.

First project in Mexico

This is Idrica’s first project in Mexico. “The audit and implementation of the most advanced digital water management technologies in one of the global megacities and its water system, one of the largest in the world, reveals the magnitude of the challenge,” said Monterde.

This important project positions Idrica in the Mexican market and will help the company to become a leading supplier of water management services in Latin America, as part of its internationalization strategy. Idrica is currently operating in Ecuador, Colombia and Peru, implementing operation and maintenance projects and technical assistance, as well as providing technology for monitoring and optimizing processes.

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