GoAigua wins the 2019 Digital Water Prize from Water Europe

With an experience of more than 10 years in the digitalization of the water industry, we have always focused our efforts on innovation and research to boost efficiency in organizations, accompanying them in their digital transformation and developing new solutions to improve communication between people and processes.

Recognition as the best Smart Water Platform in Europe

This Digital Water Prize 2019 from Water Europe (formerly WssTP) recognizes our IoT and Big Data platform the best Smart Water Platform in Europe and a major innovation for the centralized management of the integral water cycle. Water Europe is the technology platform for water supply and sanitation technology for Research and Technological Development in the water industry.

The prize was awarded during Water Innovation Europe 2019, Water Europe’s annual conference that has taken place in Brussels (12th-13th June) with more than 200 water and energy experts. This year’s topic was “Water Meets Energy, Energy Meets Water”.

GoAigua wins the Digital Water Prize 2019

The award jury for the digital water category valued our integration platform as an innovative solution that responds to market needs, boosts efficiency of water resources and promotes a sustainable model for intelligent management in cities.

An IoT & Big Data platform for overcoming data silos

Our technological solution addresses the problem of data segregation in the water industry. Information governance and digitalization have been one of the main concerns of water services over time, remaining the management and exploitation of data from hydraulic processes a major challenge. Data silos imply that sensorized data is not integrated into the enterprise data stream, infrastructures are managed on a vendor system basis, and there is no standardized and predictable way of consuming this information.

Our integration platform is designed to standardize how sensorized data is acquired, stored, managed and shared across the organization. It seamlessly integrates information from different vendors and equipment, including IoT devices and third-party information, without changing existing software or hardware.

The award recognizes our commitment as GoAigua to digitalization and its work in developing new innovative proposals. GoAigua’s solutions provide service in all stages of the integral water cycle under a common architecture. The administration panel unifies all the key information to achieve an integrated management and provide each customer with a holistic vision of the integral water cycle, setting a unique precedent in the market.

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