GoAigua: Experts in Digital Transformation for the Water Industry

GoAigua is a pioneering company in the digitization of the water industry. It supports organizations and becomes their global technology partner, in order to boost efficiency in the sector.

The company is the result of the digital transformation success in Global Omnium, the largest Spanish water utility. This process began over a decade ago –at a time when it was uncommon– with the mining and analysis of data received from field sensorisation, making it possible to define, develop and calibrate solutions for the water cycle management: field validation, leak detection, work order management, customer service…

This gives GoAigua’s technology a unique differentiating value, based on its knowledge of the sector and the experience in implementing technologies such as Big Data or Artificial Intelligence. The IoT and Big Data Platform developed by GoAigua normalizes how sensorized data is acquired, stored, managed and shared, providing a holistic vision of the integral water cycle in real time. It integrates information from different vendors and equipments, including on-field components, IoT devices and proprietary third party systems, maintaining the existing software and hardware. GoAigua is in fact a modular, scalable and vendor-agnostic technology, which has the flexibility to adapt to the needs of all water utilities.

Real-Time Hydraulic Modelling

The agnostic master data management platform has recently won the Aquatech Innovation Award 2019 in the category of Process Control Technology and Process Automation. With this award, the leading platform for water professionals Aquatech recognizes GoAigua’s platform as a top-notch innovative solution for organizations looking for a single management point of the entire water cycle: leaks, smart metering, work orders management, billing, CRM, centric assets management, master plans and maps.

GoAigua’s portfolio is integrating new solutions on an ongoing basis through the open innovation hub of Global Omnium. Different solutions based on robotics, machine learning, big data, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, cybersecurity…are incorporated into the portfolio when they become mature. This has been the case of a new technological solution for monitoring sedimentation and automatic fault detection in the sewerage system.

The company operates in Spain, Angola, Qatar, Ecuador, Venezuela and Colombia, and is currently developing new projects in Latin America and the Middle East. Some of the results achieved for its clients include savings of over 4 million cubic metres of water per year thanks to advanced leak detection in Valencia (Spain), or the increase -for the Public Water Company EPA in Ecuador- of 500% in amounts invoiced and 300% in revenues collected through the integration of its business cycle management.

GoAigua is a pioneer company in the digitalization of the water industry. We accompany water sector organizations in their digital transformation process and provide technological solutions for the commercial cycle, assets and work orders. We digitalize both infrastructures and processes to build a smart decision system in water organizations. From Water Experts to the Water Industry.

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