GoAigua attends Expoapa 2019 event with its official partner Aqviser

The annual Expoapa conference in Romania will be held this year in the Parliamentary Palace of Bucharest (23-25 of September). The Romanian Water Association ARA organizes this event where Eastern Europe and international water utilities will exchange their experiences.

The Danube Eastern Europe Regional Water Forum 2019 (Expoapa) will be open to experts in the sector, such as managers and operators of water supply and sewerage, and to any member of the general public. Over the years Exapoapa has become a key meeting point for discussing technical and managerial aspects of the integral water cycle.

During the exhibition, specialized suppliers of equipment and technologies will have the opportunity to meet water service operators. There will be also pavilions dedicated to design firms, general contractors and consultants.

The current year’s event includes a series of dialogs in which the leads of several vertical markets will have the opportunity to express their ideas on water administration, sewage control and innovation and customer satisfaction. In addition, visitors will have the opportunity to access the technological forum and a conference-focused area with innovations.

WaterLoss Conference

Visitors at Expoapa are also encouraged to attend WaterLoss Conference 2019. This two-day session focuses on one of the biggest challenges of the water industry: rising non-revenue water concerns and leaking infrastructures.

During the conference, technological leaders will present their developments within an academic environment. GoAigua was selected as the finalist to its Whitepaper competition and will host two conferences: i) lessons learned in operating the largest Smart Meter Park in Europe, and ii) Smart Water Networks and how data-driven decisions will shape the future of the industry.

GoAigua and Aqviser - Expoapa 2019
Presenting our solutions in Expoapa 2019

GoAigua and Aqviser in Expoapa

GoAigua will take part in Expoapa with Aqviser, our official partner in Romania. This Bucharest-based consulting company provides technological innovations by driving digital transformation processes and guiding their clients to an efficient and sustainable use of water.

The company has been nominated as the “most innovative partner” by the EU assessment committee of the SmartH2O Project. Their experts have participated in projects implemented at large water utilities such as Aguas de Valencia, Thames Water and SES Locarno.

Aqviser and GoAigua are guided by the same innovative philosophy, which considers technological advances as the key solution to the challenges of the water sector. For example, inefficient infrastructures, draughts and customer satisfaction.

Both companies have worked together as partners to ensure that the benefits of the digitalization of the industry are fostered in the area. In this sense, Expoapa 2019 is the perfect environment to discuss, share knowledge and face the challenges of the future.

GoAigua stand in Expoapa 2019
Appointments in GoAigua’s stand

GoAigua is a pioneer company in the digitalization of the water industry. We accompany water sector organizations in their digital transformation process and provide technological solutions for the commercial cycle, assets and work orders. We digitalize both infrastructures and processes to build a smart decision system in water organizations. From Water Experts to the Water Industry.

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