GoAigua and WatSyn Solutions Join Forces to Help Canadian Water and Wastewater Utilities Unify Digital Infrastructure

WatSyn’s utility support services combined with GoAigua’s smart water platform will simplify digital transformation, reduce non-revenue water, and improve operational efficiency.

GoAigua Inc., a smart water technology company, and WatSyn Solutions Inc., a trusted digital solutions provider, recently announced a strategic partnership to help utilities in Canada advance digital transformation.

GoAigua’s proven software and analytics platform delivers full connectivity across utilities, simplifying the path to digital transformation. GoAigua eliminates silos of information from SCADA, GIS, ERP, AMI/AMR, CMMS, IoT Sensors, and more – providing a holistic, real-time view of the status of processes and infrastructure. With advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, utilities can identify and reduce non-revenue water, plan for capital expenditures, improve operational efficiency, and ensure high levels of customer satisfaction. GoAigua offers predictive, actionable data insights, and one of the world’s first fully operational Digital Twins.

WatSyn Solutions has supported digital transformation in the water industry since 2002. Through key partnerships with industry leaders, WatSyn is uniquely positioned to assist Canadian municipalities and consultancies in the selection of software solutions for modeling, managing, and optimizing water, sewer, and stormwater systems.

GoAigua’s platform truly provides a unified experience to simplify the digital transformation of water, sewer, and stormwater utilities. The platform was created by utilities for utilities, and provides the clean and powerful user experience that our customers expect,” says Chris Baxter, Ph.D., President of WatSyn Solutions.

“We look forward to working alongside the WatSyn team to bring the benefits of GoAigua to more utilities. Exciting times are ahead for Canadian utilities,” says Pablo Calabuig, CEO of GoAigua North America.

About GoAigua

GoAigua’s smart water platform simplifies the digital transformation of water utilities – driving unparalleled efficiency in financial, human, and natural resources while creating customer-centric entities. We make the complexity of harnessing big data easier and help utilities around the world unify their digital infrastructure. Our advanced AI/ML algorithms proactively optimize operations, maintenance, asset management, customer service, and resilience. Results include reduced non-revenue water, faster leak detection and resolution, reduced operational costs, and improved capital planning. GoAigua is Smart Water – Simplified. To learn more, visit goaigua.com.

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