The GoAigua technology transforms Houston’s sewerage system with more than 400 pumping stations and 40 treatment plants

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The GoAigua technology has been chosen to manage the sewerage network in the American city of Houston, in Texas. The company has taken a major step in its international expansion strategy, where it now has clients in California, Georgia, Vermont and Texas with a team of expert professionals specializing in digital transformation, engineering and telecommunications.

Houston is amongst the most populated cities in the USA, with more than 2.5 million inhabitants. Its sewerage system is, therefore, one of the most extensive in terms of network kilometers and in terms of the facilities that make up the system, which has 400 pumping stations and 40 wastewater treatment plants.

GoAigua technology will be implemented throughout the entire network and at all treatment facilities, allowing the city to advance towards remote control of facilities and operations, optimisation of resources and the capacity to take preventive action well in advance of potential incidents. In other words, intelligent management of the entire sewage network and all facilities, through the digital transformation of processes and the deployment of real-time artificial intelligence algorithms to detect events in advance, prevent overflows and enable relief actions to be undertaken intelligently.

Houston is a very flat city that has undergone enormous growth. It suffers from heavy rainfalls that cause frequent flooding and require sewage system relief actions. The application of the technology developed by Global Omnium will enable the city to anticipate these events with sufficient time to enable the implementation of preventive actions to minimise the environmental and financial consequences associated with them.

Continuation of COVID-19 virus partnership

This is not the first time Global Omnium has worked with Houston’s local authorities through GoAigua. The company provided the Texan government with an early warning tool to detect the presence of the COVID-19 virus in wastewater. This tool helped to prevent and avoid outbreaks and the spread of the virus among the population.

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