GoAigua wins the Water Technology & Infrastructure Award from Water Europe with its EWS for the detection of COVID-19 in wastewater

Idrica is a global provider of analytics software solutions for the water sector. GoAigua, its smart water platform, unifies all digital components of the water utility infrastructure – SCADA, GIS, ERP, AMI/AMR, CMMS and IoT Sensors. Using advanced AI/ML algorithms, GoAigua improves operations, maintenance, asset management, customer experience, and adaptability.

The Spanish company has been awarded this week with the Water Technology & Infrastructure Award from Water Europe, which is recognized the voice and promoter of water-related innovation and RTD in the continent. Its mission is to improve collaboration in the water sector and solve global challenges through research and innovation. The award recognizes GoAigua SARS Analytics as the best solution for the early detection of COVID-19 in wastewater.

In the water technology and infrastructure category, awards are given to innovative technologies related to the water cycle. Water Europe leadership teams have chosen GoAigua SARS Analytics for its innovation, market potential, impact, replicability and exploitation strategy.

goaigua wins the water technology & infrastructure award from water europe with its ews for the detection of covid-19 in wastewater

The prize was awarded during the WE Water Innovation Week (22-25 June 2020), with over 200 participants in the online plenary sessions and digital Working Group meetings. It was collected by Chema Nebot, Business Development Director, on behalf of the company. Under the topic “A Water-Smart Society For A Post-COVID19 Green Deal”, the aim of the event is to build a water-smart society.

GoAigua SARS Analytics is an Early Warning System (EWS), which, based on analytical parameters of wastewater, as well as on other socio-sanitary and geographical variables, facilitates decision-making for authorities and technicians in the face of possible new outbreaks of COVID-19.

The solution is a reference platform for integration, visualization, analysis, and decision support system. It is built over GoAigua platform for the entire water cycle management, which means it is flexible, customizable and scalable to the needs of each client. This is possible thanks to an IT architecture in which different microservices are vertically connected to the Big Data engine, which automatically allocates processing resources depending of the needs of each process.

goaigua wins the water technology & infrastructure award from water europe with its ews for the detection of covid-19 in wastewater

GoAigua’s technology offers a system for data import from multiple sources, the identification of optimum spots for wastewater sampling, the management of work orders in field and laboratories, the control of lockdown measures and the identification of risk indicators.

GoAigua SARS Analytics facilitates decision-making in the face of possible new outbreaks of COVID-19

With GoAigua SARS Analytics, water becomes an important data source to fight against the pandemic. By leveraging all the potential of digital water, it converts water systems into an instrument to analyze the evolution of the pandemic and identify the origins (in time and space) of new outbreaks of the virus within a delimited area. This way, the water industry can contribute to the resolution of one of the main challenges nowadays.

After a successful implementation in Valencia, Spain, Idrica is ready to start implementing the GoAigua SARS Analytics solution in those locations which require a single environment to monitor the evolution of the pandemic and help decision-making process.

About Idrica

Idrica is the leading company specializing in water cycle management. Its unique value proposition is based on the efficiency and quality of its services and the GoAigua smart technology solution for the digital transformation of the industry. Based in Valencia, Spain, Idrica has offices in Romania, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Angola, South Arabia and Qatar.

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