Idrica wins iAgua 2022 Company Award for Digital Transformation

Every year, the prestigious iAgua Awards acknowledge outstanding water organizations and professionals in Spain and Latin America.

In this year’s awards, Idrica, the international company leading the digital transformation of the water sector thanks to its specialized services and the GoAigua platform, has won the iAgua 2022 Company Award for Digital Transformation.

The prize, which rewards company efforts to boost the use of new technologies in the water industry, is a milestone for the Spanish-based organization specializing in smart water. Its GoAigua solution unifies process and infrastructure information within utilities, driving their digital transformation, optimizing operational efficiency and ensuring sustainability.

The 8th iAgua Awards encompass a number of categories, such as Water Treatment Company of the Year, Technological Solution of the Year and Research Center of the Year.

iAgua 2022 Company Award

Jaime Barba, CEO of Idrica, collected the award during the Quality Water Summit, an event attended by leaders in the water treatment sector. The meeting, which focused on the topics of efficiency, the circular economy and technology, analyzed the latest trends in products, engineering and innovation, in order to move towards greater sustainability.

The gala award ceremony, held in the Spanish city of Madrid on April 29, brought together professionals from the industry to discuss, share ideas and establish roadmaps to address the challenges and opportunities facing the sector.

The future of water lies in digital transformation. In Spain, this has been endorsed through the recent approval of the National Plan (PERTE) for the Digital Transformation of the Water Cycle, promoted by the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge. This project aims to modernize the country’s water management systems. The iAgua 2022 Company Award for Digital Transformation is aligned with the need to ensure responsible use of our most precious resource highlighted in the Spanish PERTE Plan.

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These accomplishments demonstrate Idrica’s commitment to improving water management and making the sector more sustainable. Idrica is set on developing innovative solutions that help ensure a safe, efficient and sustainable water supply for future generations.

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