Idrica presented with “company committed to social inclusion” award by the Asindown foundation

The Asindown Foundation launched its 2022 charity calendar at an event in which Idrica was also presented with an award as a “Company Committed to Social Inclusion” for its charitable work with the Foundation.

The Palau Alameda was the setting chosen by the Asindown Foundation and Valencia C.F. to celebrate the traditional presentation of the Foundation’s 2022 Charity Calendar. The calendar is supported by several companies and is a source of income for the Foundation to continue providing its services, especially during the current crisis.

During the dinner, the Asindown Foundation recognized the efforts of the companies that had supported its work, including Idrica, by presenting them with an award as a “Company Committed to Social Inclusion”. José Vega, Asindown’s President, highlighted the importance of these partnerships in the lives of the Foundation’s members, as well as “in the lives of the 600 families who are part of Asindown and who together face new obstacles every day.”

idrica presented with “company committed to social inclusion” award by the asindown foundation

Through this partnership, Idrica is committed to extending its commitment to the community in other more social settings, helping to make improvements and tackle a range of challenges. Along these lines, and in the words of Ángela Garcerán, a member and employee of Asindown, the support provided is “essential.” She also pointed out that the Foundation “is the organization that has enabled my life to go where I want it to go until I become just another employee, though this would not have been possible without each and every one of you.”

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