Idrica committed to reducing the carbon footprint of its employees’ business trips

Idrica has always had a proactive attitude towards the environment and is committed to combatting climate change.

In 2022, Idrica managed to offset 100% of the carbon footprint of its employees’ business trips, as part of its environmental goals.

Its ally in this task was its partner travel agency, Bizaway, the firm that arranges all the company’s business trips and estimates the emissions they produce.

Bizaway has a tool that calculates the carbon footprint generated by its customers’ trips, including hotel stays and car rentals, adding up the total tons generated and assessing the impact of these trips on the environment. It then offsets the emission of these gases through projects to capture and reduce CO2 emissions via the organizations Eden Reforestation Projects.

carbon footprint

This non-profit organization is committed to fighting poverty and pollution by planting trees in large areas devastated by deforestation in Ethiopia, Madagascar, Nepal, Haiti, Indonesia, Mozambique, Kenya, Honduras and Brazil.

This initiative helps Idrica to reduce the carbon footprint of its employees’ business trips, which is particularly important for a multinational. The company will continue to support these types of measures to prevent negative impacts on ecosystems, including the loss of biodiversity, ocean acidification and water pollution, among others. This goes hand in hand with Idrica’s initiative at the end of 2022 in which it planted 176 trees, creating the first Idrica forest as a gift to partners and customers.

carbon footprint

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