Idrica joins global initiative to help water utilities with emergency response and recovery

At Idrica we believe that collaboration and innovation are the best tools for the successful adaptation of water utilities to the new post-covid way of working, ensuring a continuous access to water. GoAigua is the leading technology to help utilities overcome the new challenges. It allows operators to access all the information in a clear way, improving decision-making processes to guarantee the continuity and quality of the service. 

For that reason, the water digitalization company has joined the international collaboration aimed at helping the emergency response and recovery for water utilities, whose operations have been disrupted by the novel coronavirus. 

The Water Action Platform, launched by Isle, seeks to identify ways to support utilities to keep water supply and wastewater services running with no disruptions, preparing operations to minimize the impacts of the pandemic. It is open to all private and public stakeholders, and currently involves 600+ organizations across 85+ different countries. 

By joining this initiative, Idrica will help to catalyze the experience within the global water network and foster a collaborative response to COVID-19, protecting lives around the world. 

The Water Action Platform arises after the success of a COVID-19 group initiated by Isle on March, where global leaders from water utilities started to share their learnings and experiences on how best to handle the current Covid19 outbreak. The discussions revealed that the sector could benefit from a dedicated action-oriented platform, catalyst of all the lessons learned. 

The online platform, which is the result of this evolution, now operates as a global network where stakeholders can share their experiences and team up on specific projects. It presents best global practices and innovative technology solutions with the potential of helping the water sector through the COVID-19 crisis. 

The team at Idrica will bring its knowledge and decade-long experience in digital transformation, smart water solutions and services to the project. Joining this initiative, the company not only commits to management companies, but also to the safety of employees, citizens and health authorities. Our experts are willing to help reach valuable conclusions that can make the world a better place. 

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