Idrica nominated for Water Industry Awards 2023

Idrica, Xylem, Stantec and Yorkshire Water have been shortlisted for the WWT Water Industry Awards 2023 in the “Smart Water Networks Award” category for the “Smart Water Network in Sheffield” project.

The implementation of the Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua platform was a key element of this project, which was an outcome of the agreement between Idrica and Xylem. This platform enables water and wastewater utilities to connect and manage their digital assets and optimize their operations through a holistic, user-friendly, secure dashboard.

The WWT Awards are a prestigious event in the water sector, recognizing best practice, innovative initiatives and leading organizations. This year, the awards ceremony will be held on June 29 in Birmingham, UK.

Sheffield smart water network

A number of different companies including Idrica, Xylem and Stantec took part in the project, which involved the deployment of 6,000 smart sensors in Sheffield and the surrounding area to help monitor flow, pressure, transients, water quality, acoustics, hydrophones and advanced metering infrastructure. The project aimed to reduce costs, optimize asset life and improve Yorkshire Water’s efficiency, planning processes and early leak detection.

The integrated software and analytics platform Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua has created reliable alarms based on the data collected, as a result of analyzing events and combining them with its advanced algorithm.

Water Industry Awards

As a result of the project, Yorkshire water now has a single platform which integrates and manages the wide variety of data alarms it receives from multiple vendor devices and the company’s internal systems. The City of Sheffield has prevented excessive network pressurization and chemical losses from leaks. In addition, it has been able to reduce the cost of field operations and maintenance and has improved leak detection and quality monitoring.

This award recognizes partnerships and companies’ commitment to digital transformation, initiatives to develop new, innovative proposals and the use of cutting-edge services and technologies in the water sector. In the words of Chema Nebot, Idrica’s VP EMEA-APAC-BRAZIL “This project was a terrific opportunity to roll out our technology and harness our experience to serve Yorkshire. In partnership with Xylem and Stantec, our focus was on enhancing the robustness of the utility’s data management infrastructure and providing value-added functionalities.”

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2023, a highly successful year for Idrica

These accomplishments demonstrate Idrica’s commitment to improving water management and making the sector more sustainable. Idrica is set on developing innovative solutions that help ensure a safe, efficient and sustainable water supply for future generations.

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