Idrica to launch GoAigua in the Australasian water industry in partnership with Aqua Analytics

After making its mark on water technology in different countries, the globally renowned water technology company Idrica enters the Australian and New Zealand markets in partnership with the local specialist in smart water network management services – Aqua Analytics. The partnership will bring the ultimate technological solution GoAigua to the Asia Pacific water sector to transform water utilities into smarter, more proactive and more robust entities.

GoAigua can help water utilities to unlock value from their distributed data generated by the digital components of the water utility infrastructure – SCADA, GIS, ERP, Smart Meters, CMMS and IoT Sensors. The platform uses advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to improve operations, maintenance, asset management and customer experience, and to reduce water loss. Having won several global awards such as the Aquatech Innovation Award 2019 in the category of Process Control Technology and Process Automation, GoAigua has helped save billions of litres of water every year, reduce energy consumption by over 15% and mitigate carbon dioxide emissions by thousands of tonnes.

“It is exciting to partner with Idrica, who is renowned as one of the world’s most innovative water technology companies. The modular GoAigua platform, coupled with a range of solutions that we offer such as IoT device installation and maintenance, will provide a unique value proposition to our clients,” says Hugh Chapman, Managing Director at Aqua Analytics. “A key benefit of GoAigua is the fact that it has already been deployed in 400 water utilities globally. It is not a prototype, nor is it in development. It is a real platform that is allowing water utilities to enter digital projects more seamlessly and to address some of their key network challenges,” he adds.

“We are delighted to have the Aqua Analytics team support us in the Australia and New Zealand markets,” says Jaime Barba, CEO at Idrica. “For the past 18 months, we have been growing our business outside of Europe and naturally we are excited by the prospects in the Australasian region given their strong asset management focus and advanced understanding of how digital solutions can improve water network operations,” he further comments.

The partnership between Idrica and Aqua Analytics is a new milestone in the international expansion of the company. Headquartered in Valencia, Spain – and with operations in Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Africa, Oceania and Latin America – Idrica is a leader in digitally transforming water cycle management. The firm has clients worldwide and its solutions serve more than 7 million users globally.

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