Idrica collaborates with Telefónica in the field of IoT solutions for the water sector

Idrica has started to collaborate with Telefónica, a global partner in the provision of IoT solutions, in order to offer innovative services to companies in the water sector. The agreement between the two companies includes the development of technological solutions based on NB-IoT, LTE-M and the future 5G Massive IoT, allowing billions of machines and devices to be connected to the Internet. The commercialization of GoAigua, Idrica’s technological solution for the digital transformation of processes in the water sector, is a key aspect of the collaboration. GoAigua was launched as a result of the successful digitalization of Global Omnium, a Spanish utility with over 130 years of experience in water management.

GoAigua helps utilities to break informational silos and unlock value out of data, providing a holistic and real-time view of the state of processes and infrastructures. For this purpose, the solution collects information from all distributed data sources in the utility, allowing for a continuous integration of SCADAs, GIS, ERP, AMI, CMMS, IoT sensors, and other legacy systems. At present, this technology is being leveraged by more than 400 utilities globally to improve operation & maintenance, asset management, customer experience and resilience. Its modular, scalable and vendor-agnostic design implies that GoAigua can be adapted to each client and its technological maturity in the areas of drinking water, wastewater and irrigation.

This alliance is an important milestone for Idrica in its internationalization process. It also highlights GoAigua’s interoperability with other platforms and technologies.

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These accomplishments demonstrate Idrica’s commitment to improving water management and making the sector more sustainable. Idrica is set on developing innovative solutions that help ensure a safe, efficient and sustainable water supply for future generations.

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