Jaime Barba and Eugenio Calabuig receive the IDEAS UPV Honorary Award 2019

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Jaime Barba CEO of GoAigua and Eugenio Calabuig President of Global Omnium have received the IDEAS UPV Honorary Award 2019. It recognizes their commitment to innovation, technology and entrepreneurship for GoAigua and GoHub. The award was presented in the City of Innovation at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) during the XIII edition of the IDEAS UPV awards for the promotion of entrepreneurship.

GoAigua is the pioneer company in digitalization for the water industry and is the result of the digital transformation success of Global Omnium. GoHub is the open innovation hub by Global Omnium, which is specialized in Water Tech, Industry 4.0 and Smart Cities. IDEAS UPV highlights their guiding role for the entire sector, in which the leadership of Jaime Barba and Eugenio Calabuig has been key.

Both had the opportunity to express their gratitude for this acknowledgment and receive it on behalf of their teams. According to Eugenio Calabuig, president of Global Omnium, “the team is truly responsible for this award. And above all, those who more than ten years ago, led by Jaime Barba, made the qualitative leap to the talent, technology and innovation that the company needed: we made the leap towards digital transformation. An enormous effort then, but one decade later, it is undoubtedly a value that sets us apart and makes us pioneers and at the forefront of technology and water”.

In addition, Jaime Barba highlighted that we should let people know that “we are doing high-level technology in Valencia. This is possible due to the synergies between Global Omnium, GoHub and GoAigua”. An award that is particularly important not only for its prestige, but also due to Jaime Barba’s link with the Polytechnic University of Valencia, where he studied during his career.

Premio IDEAS UPV 2019 Jaime Barba

GoAigua is a pioneer company in digitalization for the water industry. We accompany water sector organizations in their digital transformation process and provide technological solutions for the commercial cycle, assets and work orders. We digitalize both infrastructures and processes to build a smart decision system in water organizations. From Water Experts to the Water Industry.

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