How can water utilities manage processes holistically?

In a world where every drop counts, smart water technologies have brought major benefits to efficiently manage water resources. Utilities around the world are paying increasing attention to digital transformation, as the key to ensuring a safe, reliable and cost-effective service for citizens.

Many water utilities that started this process are now facing the challenge of implementing and integrating digital solutions, in a highly complex environment. The financial control, management and maintenance of assets and infrastructures, as well as the monitoring and control of all related processes, must be considered to ensure successful digital transformation.

Until now, most water organizations have managed this complex scenario by using a variety of solutions and technologies, which implies having to work with a wide range of tools, such as SCADAs, GIS, ERPs, CMMS, LIMS BI, AMI/AMR and hydraulic models. As a result, managers are finding it difficult to run, organize and interconnect data, and to obtain valuable information to make smart decisions.

The GoAigua technological solution solves this problem in drinking water, wastewater and irrigation by means of a horizontal model and a set of advanced algorithms designed by experts in water and data management. It helps water infrastructure operators manage processes holistically, whilst providing an in-depth view of O&M processes, irrespective of space or time. By combining both business intelligence and analytics, GoAigua delivers advanced solutions for process optimization, event forecasting and best practice recommendations.

GoAigua was born in 2006, coinciding with the start of Global Omnium’s digital transformation. Over a decade ago, this 130-year-old Spanish water utility began a pioneering process based on the installation of sensors, data mining and analysis, at a time when this was uncommon. This led to the development of GoAigua, built by water experts based on real experience in the field.

In recent years, GoAigua has been honed to become a state-of-the-art solution for managing the entire water cycle. This pioneering solution has enabled organizations to reduce non-revenue water, achieving efficiency of over 90%, save between 15% and 20% in energy consumption, and optimize field work, reducing OPEX by 20%. 

With GoAigua, water utilities can pinpoint leaks, optimize and automate O&M processes and define tailored investment plans. They can also ensure excellent quality of service thanks to predictive models and action recommendations, improve the customer experience and deliver a value-added service to consumers. The ultimate goal is to promote the responsible use of water.

Idrica, the global leader in digital transformation for the water industry, markets the GoAigua solution and water industry services around the world. Digital solutions are the cornerstone of the company’s commitment to ensuring sustainable development for all.

Digital transformation is not a future goal, it is a necessity. Thanks to GoAigua’s solutions, over 400 utilities around the world have already moved towards digitalization and have successfully become data-driven organizations. The water industry needs to manage processes holistically to ensure a bright future for all.

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