Master Meter and GoAigua Join Forces to Help Utilities of All Sizes Accelerate Digital Transformation

Master Meter’s world-class metering system combined with GoAigua’s advanced analytics and predictive algorithms will provide innovative operational analytics and continuous operational improvement.

Master Meter, Inc., a leading water management solutions provider for public and private water utilities, and GoAigua, Inc., a global leader in smart water technology specializing in predictive analytics and digital transformation, recently announced a strategic partnership to help utilities unify their digital infrastructure. This partnership aims to deliver best-in-class operational analytics that will drive continuous operational improvement and accelerated digital transformation.

Master Meter’s Harmony Encore Meter Data Management (MDM) software solution is an open platform designed to be universally compatible with every Mobile Advanced Meter Reading (AMR) and Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) Network, as well as every utility billing system on the market today. Harmony Encore is system agnostic and provides an exceptional environment for managing, reporting, and analyzing advanced metering infrastructure and mobile field-acquired data.

GoAigua was born from Global Omnium, a leading water utility operator that serves over 4 million customers and has over 130 years of experience in water. Today, GoAigua is an innovative software company with an analytics platform for smart utility management that unifies digital infrastructures and delivers full connectivity across hundreds of utilities globally using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

By integrating GoAigua Analytics, Harmony Encore enhances and amplifies the value from a utility’s CIS, GIS, SCADA systems, and a wide variety of asset management software solutions. As a result, utilities of all sizes can now access a fully integrated, seamless data solution featuring AI-enabled predictive analytics capabilities.

“Our work with Master Meter will serve up a birds-eye view of the entire water distribution system from the water source to the tap – meaning utility operators will have the information they need at their fingertips to make informed decisions to continuously optimize their operations. We are excited about the opportunities this partnership will create,” said Pablo Calabuig, CEO of GoAigua North America.

“Smart water solutions begin with water measurement, and meaningful data beautifully presented is the special sauce that empowers utilities to delight the communities they serve and ensure sustainable water for generations to come,” notes Ian MacLeod, VP of Marketing for Master Meter. “We’re excited to partner with GoAigua – the global leader in digital transformation – to bring this reality to North America water utilities.”

About GoAigua

GoAigua’s smart water platform simplifies the digital transformation of water utilities – driving unparalleled efficiency in financial, human, and natural resources while creating customer-centric entities. We make the complexity of harnessing big data easier and help utilities around the world unify their digital infrastructure. Our advanced AI/ML algorithms proactively optimize operations, maintenance, asset management, customer service, and resilience. Results include reduced non-revenue water, faster leak detection and resolution, reduced operational costs, and improved capital planning. GoAigua is Smart Water – Simplified. To learn more, visit

About Master Meter

Master Meter is a subsidiary of Israel-based Arad LTD, a world leader in the field of water measurement solutions and services. This direct pipeline to world-class innovation allows Master Meter to provide water utilities with precise digital measurement, data delivery, and water management software that optimize revenue, improves efficiencies, and promote water stewardship through enhanced customer engagement. Master Meter continually expands its solutions portfolio of new and innovative smart water technologies in support of today’s highly dynamic water utility business environment, and the water department’s rapidly evolving role within a Smart City and IoT strategic plan. Our smart water brands include Sonata & Octave Ultrasonic meters, Allegro AMI, Harmony Encore MDM, and My Water Advisor Customer Portal. To learn more, visit

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