A Message to our Customers

Dear customers and friends,

We would like to send you a message of support and reassurance. We are aware of the challenges we are currently facing in relation to the spread of COVID-19. For each of us, these are reflected in particular circumstances for ourselves and our families and jobs. We hope that this situation can be solved soon and we join in the recognition of all those people who are giving the best of themselves in this crisis: health professionals, essential services, food supplies, cleaning… Our solidarity for those who are concerned about their health or that of their loved ones.

These are undoubtedly difficult times that affect our daily lives, in which water and its management have a direct impact – more than ever before – on people’s well-being. Therefore, we continue to monitor the situation and collaborate with our customers to ensure a quality water supply to all citizens through technology.

The coronavirus crisis (COVID-19) has had a global impact on all sectors and industries, creating an unprecedented situation. It is especially important that, as water professionals, we face this emergency situation by facilitating remote management of operations and telecommuting at water utilities, thus allowing them to adapt more effectively to new challenges.

To minimize the impact of COVID-19 we have taken the following steps:

  • The whole team at our different locations is working from home and participation in international events has been postponed. We are always in contact to assess the situation on a daily basis and take actions if necessary. In this way we seek to ensure the health of our employees.
  • We continue to provide the same support to our customers and partners via telematic and telephonic means. Do not hesitate to contact us at sales@idrica.com. We will keep you informed of any updates.

These are times to be closer than ever. Thank you for your commitment. We continue working to support organizations during this time.

Jaime Barba, CEO Idrica

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