How Idrica is leading the way in the digital transformation of water

In a world where around 2 billion people live in countries with high water stress, a new water management approach is possible, and it is our responsibility to conserve this precious resource.

Idrica is an international company that specializes in providing services and solutions for water utilities. Through our GoAigua solution, we optimize processes and improve efficiency in asset management, water use and energy consumption in over 400 cities globally.

We are pioneers in the world of digital transformation and water resource management, and build on the century-long experience of Global Omnium, one of the most innovative water utilities in Europe.

Our unique value proposition is based on the efficiency and quality of our services and the GoAigua platform to drive digital transformation in utilities. Our award-winning, smart water technology collects and processes information from the infrastructure to improve O&M, asset management and the customer experience.

GoAigua optimizes drinking water, wastewater and irrigation processes through a holistic data model and a set of advanced algorithms designed by water and data management experts.

With a team of more than 200 experts and offices all around the world, we provide tailored services to deliver fully-fledged digital solutions, helping utilities to optimize their infrastructure and resources, and to enhance service quality. Our services include O&M, consultancy, billing and collection management, and technical assistance and engineering.

Idrica - a new water resource management

We also work closely with GoHub, an open innovation hub, which gives us swift access to state-of-the-art technologies. By implementing them, Idrica transcends the traditional barriers of the water industry and can offer its clients solutions based on satellite management, image analysis and processing, AI and robotics.

We believe that the water industry can solve one of the world’s biggest challenges and secure the future of this precious resource. Idrica is leading the way in helping utilities to digitally transform water management. We are Smart Water for a Better World.

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