On World Water Day 2021, SACMEX presents its Data Platform using the GoAigua technology

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Last Monday, March 22, coinciding with World Water Day, the Mexico City Water System’s (SACMEX) Resilience, Water Sustainability and Data Processing Laboratory opened its doors to showcase the work it does in modernizing water management.

The event was attended by Dr. Claudia Sheinbaum, Head of the Mexico City Government; Dr. Rafael Carmona, the General Coordinator of SACMEX; the operations team, and various senior utility officials.

First, the different activities and experiences in the Water Museum located in the former Xotepingo Pumping Plant were outlined, followed by a presentation of the progress made on SACMEX’s Data Platform, which serves as a monitoring and management center for Mexico City’s water network.

This platform uses the GoAigua technology to integrate different data sources, SCADAs, databases and suppliers into a single management point. It provides managers and operators with the necessary information at all times both at their workstation and in the field via tablets and cell phones. In addition, the hydraulic performance of the network, the use of predictive alarms and the network’s maintenance processes are all being improved. The project is introducing advanced analytical tools, such as hydraulic modeling and artificial intelligence to optimize resource management through digital transformation.

In her speech, Dr. Sheinbaum recognized the efforts made by SACMEX’s staff over the last year and was given first-hand insights into the transformation of the water system thanks to GoAigua, praising it highly. According to Dr. Sheinbaum, the metering program is vital to provide an uninterrupted supply of water as it offers information on “where the system fails, how much it costs, and what water pressures we have, so that we can learn how to control the drinking water distribution system.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Rafael Carmona highlighted the modernization of the distribution network, which encompasses a “new way of operating the network through the tools needed to make daily operating decisions” with the objective of achieving “equal water distribution.”

Over the coming months, SACMEX’s digital transformation will continue to increase hydraulic efficiency, enhancing the water supply across the city.

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