Smart beaches: technology-driven advantages for users

Smart beaches are characterized by the integration of technology into a field that seemed to have been left out of digitalization.

Thanks to solutions focused on data analysis, municipalities can offer high value-added services to the population and tourists who visit them. Following the smart beach model defined by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the benefits of smart beaches revolve around safety, sustainability and accessibility.

1. Safer users

The implementation of technological innovations such as drones or the control of the number of users opens the door to a more efficient allocation of coastguards. In addition, it makes it possible to control seating via the analysis of camera recordings.

smart beaches: technology-driven advantages for users
Control seating

2. More sustainable beaches

Algorithmic solutions focused on data analysis, as well as the sensorization of showers and other water distribution points, propel an efficient use of this resource. This leads to water stress reduction, making beaches more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

3. Improved accesibility

Simplifying access to beaches for those groups that may have difficulties, such as people with reduced mobility or visual impairment, can be achieved through different services. For example, guided tours of augmented reality -generated using artificial intelligence- are available for smartphones.

Smart Beach routes
Guided routes

This set of advantages result in a more efficient management of coastal resources (water, electricity, waste …), as well as an improved experience for users. In fact, every year more and more municipalities are betting on digitizing their coastal areas, achieving results as striking as an increase of nearly 20% in the number of visitors.

It is important to highlight that these improvements are achieved thanks to the application of transversal solutions to different markets. Sensors, Big Data platforms and intelligent algorithms are capable of driving management not only on any beach, but also in other sectors of activity such as agricultural irrigation.

In GoAigua we collaborate with our clients to apply technological solutions focused on the management of the integral water cycle. In our aim to boost efficiency, we offer solutions and specialised services in the field of smart beaches: bathymetry, beach substrate sensorization, electricity demand forecasting, intelligent waste management, routes guided by augmented reality, drones, capacity controls… And all this providing a holistic view of key information.

GoAigua is a pioneer company in the digitalization of the water industry. We accompany water sector organizations in their digital transformation process and provide technological solutions for the commercial cycle, assets and work orders. We digitalize both infrastructures and processes to build a smart decision system in water organizations. From Water Experts to the Water Industry.

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