The Idrica Forest

Idrica Forest, which has 176 trees, helps to reduce the carbon footprint, as well as promoting the repopulation of an area in danger of deforestation.

Idrica has always been committed to sustainability and respect for the environment. These values are materialized in the digital transformation of water utilities, reducing both their water and energy footprint.

The company wanted to go a step further in its environmental commitment, replacing the traditional Christmas gifts with trees. Thus, the first Idrica Forest was created, as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, through which customers and partners have become the godparents of the trees planted in the forest.

The Idrica Forest is located in Estubeny, a town 40 minutes from Valencia. It has a total of 176 trees of local species such as holm oak, hackberry, bay trees, Aleppo pine, Aladierno and carob. The trees in Idrica´s forest have been planted under strict environmental and scientific criteria, reducing CO2 emissions by around 14 tons of CO2 according to estimates related to similar land recovery and reforestation initiatives in Spain.

Idrica undertook this project in collaboration with the Estubeny Town Council and Bosquia, a company responsible for CSR projects, which has made a commitment to caring for the planted trees for a minimum of 4 years, in order to achieve rooting

Idrica´s partners and customers all received a personalized diploma that included the location of the forest, as well as the amount of CO2 offset.

This initiative, together with others implemented by Idrica, is closely related to its environmental commitment. Another example of this is Idrica´s support for Asindown Valencia, which was recognized by the foundation with the award “Social Inclusion Organization 2022.”

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