Idrica sponsors the prestigious WDSA/CCWI joint conference

The Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV) is to host the 2nd international WDSA/CCWI joint conference to discuss the challenges, innovations and methods used in water distribution systems.

From July 18 to 22, experts, professionals and researchers have a date with the water sector in the joint conference on Water Distribution Systems Analysis & Computing and Control in the Water Industry (WDSA/CCWI).

The opening ceremony, scheduled for the 19th, will be attended by the UPV Rector, José Capilla, the Deputy Mayor and Integrated Water Cycle Councilor, Elisa Valía, the conference director, Pedro Iglesias, and finally, Jaime Barba, CEO of Idrica.

This joint conference, in which Idrica is also participating as a sponsor, has a number of key objectives, such as encouraging debate on the latest developments in computing and control of urban water systems, sharing achievements involving Big Data and IoT, as well as becoming the best forum to foster cooperation in the various different projects.

These objectives have a common denominator: the experts participating in and attending the talks.

Specialist conferences

On this occasion, and throughout the conference, different events will be held to achieve the proposed objectives. Two of the highlights will be the conferences and plenary sessions, in which Idrica’s experts will be participating.

In fact, on July 19, Pilar Conejos, Idrica’s Digital Twin Manager, will be speaking at the conference’s first plenary session, focusing on the role of digital twins in distribution systems. Likewise, Pepe Chambó, an Idrica’s sales specialist, will be talking about the digital transformation of the network, providing an innovative vision on the subject.

On Thursday 21, Nicolás Monterde, one of Idrica’s Country Managers, will be speaking at the plenary session for the industry, in which he will be addressing the transition to continuous supply in Mexico City.

This conference has returned to Valencia for this joint international WDSA and CCWI session, after having been held in Canada in 2018. However, the WDSA conference has been staged in countries such as the United States, South Africa, Australia, Italy, and Colombia, which gives an idea of the importance of Spain, and particularly Valencia, in the water sector.

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