WEX Global Virtual Meetings bring water experts together

WEX Global, the Water & Energy Exchange, has launched a series of virtual meetings for the WEX community, based on the recreation of the best elements of live summits in a virtual environment.

The online reunions, held on the 19th of November and the 17th of December 2020, are a golden opportunity to get the high-level conversations going.

The focus on facilitating lasting business relationships is one of the key factors that distinguishes WEX Global, from other events in the sector.

With this in mind, the organizers have designed virtual events based upon WEX’s unique Exchange Working Lunch. In line with what happens during WEX, round tables at the online event will be dedicated to specific themes, and conversations will be moderated by industry experts.

The plan is to recreate the spirit of WEX Global, by giving the opportunity to join private discussions and to be part of a stimulating lively exchange on issues of critical importance in the water sector. Reunions also give the chance to move freely between virtual tables, in order to network with other water and energy experts.

First session: WEX Global Virtual Meetings – 19th of November 2020

By bringing WEX participants together, this first session is the best opportunity to reconnect with friends and colleagues in the network.

IoT, desalination, energy efficiency, water management, sustainability or asset management are some of the topics that will be discussed. Mark Barker, CEO WEX Global, and Jaime Barba, CEO Idrica, will welcome participants before the round table discussions start.

WEX Global Virtual Meeting 2020 Jaime Barba CEO Idrica

Chema Nebot, Head of Business Development at Idrica, will host one of the 10 tables at the first session of WEX Global Virtual Meetings, talking about “a holistic approach to water network management”.

WEX Global Virtual Meetings 2020 Chema Nebot

WEX Global 2022

The fifteenth edition of WEX Global will take place from February 28th – March 2nd in Valencia, Spain. For a second consecutive year, Idrica will be the official sponsor of WEX Global 2022, and Global Omnium the welcoming utility. Join us to “unlock the power of the smart circular economy”!

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