Beniganim reduces the energy cost of filling its main water tank by 15%

The Bonavista tank is one of the most important water storage elements in Beniganim’s drinking water system. The aim of this Spanish Town Council, which is responsible for municipal water management, was to solve supply issues and reduce operating costs.

To achieve this objective, the Council decided to perform a digital transformation audit on the operating system, and to deploy the GoAigua technological solution. The results included a 15% saving in energy costs associated with filling the tank.

Challenges of the project

The project’s aim was to minimize energy costs and offer a quality water service to the town’s population. Therefore, a decision was made to install an independent system to fill the tank.

This required the previous implementation of a digital transformation and sensor-based system, which could take into account all the different variables.

About Beniganim

Beniganim is a medium-sized town located in an inland area of the Valencian Region (Spain).

  • Sector: Water
  • Location: Beniganim, Spain
  • Technology: GoAigua
  • Service: Consultancy

Project implementation: stages

  • Sensors were fitted to monitor the relevant operating parameters in real time, such as the pumps’ energy consumption and the water level in the tank.
  • External data was collected and integrated into direct operations through the GoAigua platform. Variables such as daily energy prices and client water consumption were included.
  • An independent, smart system was deployed in the GoAigua platform to optimize tank filling. This took into account water levels, energy prices and demand forecasts.

Beniganim was provided with a consultancy service about digital transformation and knowledge transfer throughout the project.

Benefits and results

The overall impact of the project resulted in enhanced operational efficiency of the facilities.

Thanks to optimized tank filling, energy costs were reduced by 15%. In addition, the increased control over assets brought with it significant savings in maintenance costs and greater efficiency in field work.

Supply outages disappeared thanks to water demand forecasting at meter, building and DMA level, to name just a few measures.

Monitoring the main operating parameters on the GoAigua platform meant that tank operation management could be centralized.

These direct and indirect parameters currently include water and energy consumption, the level of the water in the tank, daily energy costs and pump status.

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-15% energy costs

BENIGANIM Icono maintenance 80x80

-20% maintenance costs

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