Global Omnium saves over 1 bn gallons of water a year thanks to GoAigua’s Digital Twin

Since 2009, GoAigua’s technology enables the water utility Global Omnium to use a digital twin for decision-making around the operation and management of water networks in Valencia and its metropolitan area in Spain. Over 10 years’ experience in its development and application has made GoAigua’s Digital Twin an essential tool.

Solving the complexity of the operation

The water supply network that provides Valencia and its metropolitan area with drinking water is supplied from two treatment plants. Water is distributed through a 200 km-long main system.

The very looped network is complex to operate and requires extremely in-depth knowledge and real-time monitoring of the system. GoAigua’s Digital Twin responds to this need, supporting decision-making both for daily operations and planning tasks.

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A strategic hydraulic model

The hydraulic model is the basis for the Digital Twin’s decision-making as it can simulate the system’s response to any set of operating conditions. Calibration is vital to ensuring that it reflects the real behavior of the system.

  • It precisely replicates the behavior of the network at any given time span under any circumstances.
  • The model includes all pipes in the network (down to a diameter of 200 mm), tanks, pumps, remotely controlled valves and hydraulic valves.
  • It is fed daily by a total of 20,000 readings providing both real-time and recorded data.

The Digital Twin optimizes system performance, prevents problems and downtimes, and plans future scenarios and actions.

Data integration and quality

The large amount of data available, its storage and screening are key. Information is properly organized and easy to access, allowing the model to be loaded quickly.

  • The IoT and Big Data platform continuously incorporates, standardizes and integrates data from 1M smart meters, pressure/flow sensors, SCADAs, GIS, CMMS and other systems.
  • Hydraulic modeling and advanced analytics enhance the Digital Twin’s capabilities. All data received are screened by a series of AI algorithms to ensure its quality.

Personalized visual environments

Visualization is a powerful and flexible tool for water utilities. Graphical interfaces adapt to the user’s role.

  • General synoptic overviews of the hydraulic system
  • Synoptics of remote stations
  • Geographical backgrounds. Hydraulic variables for the whole model network are displayed in real time, showing the hydraulic behavior of the system and its effect on the sectors or groups being supplied.
  • Special windows (water balances, graphs showing trends and illustrations of parts).

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Scalability of the Digital Twin

The development of a standardized, scalable and easily updatable tool was key to the successful development of Valencia’s Digital Twin.

  • It keeps the Twin constantly updated so that it is responsive and reliable.
  • The platform is ready to use in a variety of supply networks.

Benefits and results

GoAigua’s Digital Twin currently enables Global Omnium to optimally manage its daily operations, to assess various operating scenarios in real time, to plan future supply development and predict how the network will behave in the future. It provides a complete overview of the network in real time, along with informative and actionable dashboards 24/7.

  • Simulation of past, present and future scenarios under all kinds of operating conditions.
  • Forecasts for network behavior in the next 24 hours, which facilitates the prediction of potential events.
  • Helps operators to take short-term decisions and plan actions for the longer term.
  • Development of contingency plans.
  • New staff training in network operations.
  • Supports decision-making on the best times and dates for network maintenance and other operations.
  • Information on pressure at every point on the network, which allows to minimize leaks and improve the customer experience.
VALENCIA Icono water savings 80x80

– 30% non-revenue water reduction

VALENCIA Icono efficiency 80x80

+60% improvement in customer experience

VALENCIA Icono leaks 80x80

-15% energy used for water treatment

BENIGANIM Icono maintenance 80x80

-20% maintenance OPEX costs

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