GoAigua guarantees the continuity and quality of water services in a context of crisis

Successful operation of water and sanitation services depends on the ability of companies to adapt to unexpected events. These, increasingly frequent, open a new scenario in which it is necessary to accommodate remote management of operations and telecommuting. In this context, water service operators must have the appropriate tools for managing abnormal or emergency situations. GoAigua is already helping water utilities overcome the new challenges.

A successful management in times of crisis

GoAigua allows operators to access all the information in a clear way, improving decision-making processes to guarantee the continuity and quality of the service. Thanks to advanced algorithms, companies can detect events accurately, removing false positives, and identify consumption patterns.

GoAigua can learn from changes in these patterns and adjust the criteria that determine alerts. For example, in the current COVID-19 crisis, lockdown rules have led to an increase in urban consumption of drinking water, while industrial and large consumer consumption has been reduced.

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A technology to overcome industry challenges

In a context of crisis, the management of water supply, sanitation and purification services is critical. Managers must ensure continuity and quality of services, being able to overcome challenges such as:

  • Remote monitoring and operation of managed assets or infrastructure.
  • Optimisation of operating costs in the face of unexpected events.
  • Rationalization of resources in emergency situations: materials, equipment and personnel.
  • Operation, maintenance and repair tasks in a safe and efficient manner.

GoAigua, as a technology for the transversal management of all the areas within the operation of water services, can respond to this new scenario and empower companies to face it with guarantees.

Operators have all information at their disposal, improving decision-making processes to guarantee the continuity of the service in an efficient and safe way.

Remote control of infrastructure

GoAigua offers water service operators the possibility of managing key areas:

  • Remote control and adjustment of drinking water production according to current demand, adapting the algorithms to new consumption patterns.
  • Water quality levels guaranteed through remote control of microbiological risk and automatic identification of vulnerabilities.
  • Reliable demand forecasting models continuously incorporate new consumption patterns, for energy management and reduction of costs derived from water pumps.
  • Environmental sustainability is ensured via remote control of emissions and discharges, which together with the algorithm integrated into the platform helps the manager to make decisions.

Optimization of field work and event management

GoAigua technological solution is also a useful tool to optimize teamwork:

  • Advanced algorithms allow a high accuracy in the diagnosis of events, optimizing the tasks of the field personnel.
  • Accurate choice of work orders that require on-site attention, which is critical in situations where each intervention of an operator may pose a risk to his health or that of the customer. For example, by virus exposure during a pandemic or health crisis.
  • Intelligent prioritization of events to adapt to the new criteria (hospitals, residences, authorized centers, etc.).

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Operation of distribution and sanitation networks

The management of networks can also benefit from the advances in technology provided by GoAigua:

  • Mathematical models combine with AI and ML (Digital Twin) to guarantee the continuous supply of water, being demand management the most sensitive decision.
  • Work orders generation is based on the remote control of flows and pressures, together with the application of algorithms. In this way, the operators can guarantee production and supply, avoiding any effect on the customer’s service and controlling unregistered water.
  • GoAigua limits the area of search for leaks or frauds, reducing the exposure of personnel and reducing derived costs.
  • Critical scenarios simulation allows the manager to anticipate events (for example, floods), avoiding possible effects on the operation of the networks.

Consumption control and billing management​

GoAigua offers different use cases that respond to the new needs of water management companies:

  • Pay special attention to the most critical spots via the monitoring and remote control of the water flow consumed (hospitals, schools, sports centers, etc.)
  • Consumption monitorization of large clients for automatic detection of leaks or fraud, as well as consumption by clients who are prohibited from doing so.
  • Collection of readings via IoT to have the necessary information for periodic invoicing with practically no effect on the service.
  • Water consumption invoicing without having to travel, by means of services such as payment gateways through the virtual office or mobile App. Inclusion of meter readings by the customer in the App by entering the number or uploading a photograph.
  • Value-added services, such as alerts for selected social groups,to provide more attention to groups at risk or the creation of new groups that include those affected.

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