The Ecuadorian water utility EPA increases revenue by 350% with GoAigua

EPA, the public water company in Ecuador, digitally transformed its processes by integrating its billing system into a single platform. The project combined technical assistance on reading, billing, collection and customer care with the implementation of the GoAigua Billing and Customer solutions.

Challenges of the project

EPA was facing the challenge of trying to improve customer and employee satisfaction, as well as increasing management efficiency.

Prior to the project, there were no standardized processes for billing, collection and database updates, and the utility was incapable of generating reports and even less able of delivering good customer service.

EPA only had basic information about 30% of its customers who were also generally dissatisfied. Moreover, EPA was suffering from high staff turnover due to the lack of training and of knowledge transfer programs.

As costs kept rising and potential revenue was hindered due to unbilled customers and inaccurate collections, there was an imperative need to find a solution.

Case study

The public water company in Ecuador (Empresa Pública del Agua – EPA) is the national organization responsible for monitoring water concessions. With 34 offices in its territory, it has 138,000 customers, from 1 l/s to 4,000 l/s.

  • Location: Ecuador, Latin America
  • Time span: 2017- Present
  • Solutions: GoAigua Drinking Water – Billing and Customer solutions
  • Services: reading, billing, collection and customer care services
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Solution applied

In 2017, the GoAigua Billing and Customer software was implemented to streamline, automate and standardize the utility’s billing system. A price study was carried out, and collection and debt management were coordinated in real time for the 34 local offices.

Information about existing customers and their contracts was seamlessly integrated into the platform, and a high-quality, updated ERP was set up.

Expert services

Reading, billing and collection services

  • Implementation of new debt management processes
  • Development of an updated customer database and organized assets.
  • Customer service department integration, including permanent Idrica staff at the EPA offices transferring know-how.
  • Implementation of an investment plan including training programs, metering infrastructure, digital transformation, and the upgrade of the current offices.

Customer care services

  • New procedures related to billing cycle management, training programs, digital transformation, marketing plans, customer care services, etc.
  • Creation of a new customer department.
EPA Ecuador GoAigua

Benefits and results

Thanks to real-time coordination of its 34 offices, EPA was able to holistically manage its billing system.

This brought with it a +350% increase in revenue thanks to the inclusion of previously unbilled customers, the reduction of non-revenue water, and the improvements in debt management and fraud detection.

A 20% reduction in costs was achieved via more efficient communications, traveling and work orders. In addition, customers were satisfied with the new e-office and services. EPA also managed to build employee loyalty and reduce staff turnover.

EPA is now more than doubling the number of new users integrated in the system every year and is a benchmark in Latin America.

HAMADIcono turnover 80x80

+350% revenue

VALENCIA Icono efficiency 80x80

+330% collection

-80% customer complaints

HAMADIcono costs 80x80

-20% company costs

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