Gandia becomes a Smart Water City and saves 0.5hm3 of water per year​

The objective of the project was to foster water efficiency, optimize resources and offer an excellent service to the population. Idrica, Vodafone and the municipality joined forces in an initiative that included the deployment of 40,000 smart meters. Vodafone’s NB-IoT network collects and transmits consumption information, while the GoAigua technology converts data into useful services for end users.

Challenges of the project

Previous water consumption monitoring relied on Walk-By and Drive-By methods, so no real-time data was available. As a result, water demand could not be accurately predicted and work orders and leak detection were not managed efficiently.

In this context, Gandia sought to control water consumption in real time through smart meters, as well as to offer value-added services to citizens by transmitting and analyzing the data collected.

The project also focused on reducing wastewater use and maximizing efficiency in the use of resources for water catchment, treatment and distribution.

About Gandia


Gandia is one of the largest coastal towns in Spain. With a population of over 200,000 during summer, it is a very popular tourist destination around the world.

  • Sector: Water
  • Location: Gandia, Spain
  • Technology: GoAigua – Smart Metering
  • Service: Consultancy
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Solution applied

Thanks to the project, the goal of monitoring customer consumption in real time was achieved by the time all the stages had been implemented.

  • In the first phase, 40,000 smart meters were deployed.
  • Afterwards, Vodafone’s NB-IoT connectivity network was implemented through Sim cards, which were integrated into the water meters for data collection and transmission.
  • The last phase included the integration of data on the GoAigua platform to centralize management. Algorithmic processing enabled the creation of consumption patterns, the prediction of demand and adding value to services.

Our digital transformation consultancy service was a key part of the project and included technical training, process training and transferring knowledge to operators.

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Benefits and results

The project has fostered sustainable resource management, with significant savings in water (including wastewater) throughout the cycle, as well as the reduction of energy consumption in the water extraction and treatment processes.

In addition, the network can be proactively managed using real-time consumption data. Thanks to data analysis, demand forecasts provide: greater accuracy in terms of the water that needs to be injected into the network; greater security in the detection of unwanted or accidental consumption, and the creation of alerts for irregular consumption patterns in vulnerable households.

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60 extreme leaks detected per month

GANDÍA Icono extreme leaks 80x80

150 regular leaks detected per month

GANDÍA Icono CO2 80x80

112 Tn CO2 saved every year

GANDÍA Icono Water savings 80x80

0.5hm3 of water saved every year

“Gandía has become the first city in Europe to have this technology for intelligent water supply management.”

Diana Morant

Mayor of Gandía

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