Global Omnium integrates all remote metering data into the GoAigua platform

Global Omnium integrated the information from its remote metering infrastructure into a single platform for its subsequent management and exploitation. In addition, the GoAigua Meter Insights solution provided the utility with advanced management functions, reliably boosting leak detection and enhancing asset management. 

Challenges of the project

Global Omnium had a remote metering infrastructure consisting of around 700,000 smart meters in Spain. To extract value from the information, all the consumption data had to be integrated into a single platform. In addition, advanced analytics were required to detect leaks as reliably as possible and to manage the meter life cycle, thereby reducing commercial losses associated with metering equipment under registering consumption due to wear and tear.

The integration of data from multiple meter vendors and communication technologies, from radio to state-of-the-art LPWAN technologies, was one of the main challenges addressed in the project.

Case study

With over 130 years of history, Global Omnium manages a network of 15,000 kilometers of pipes, supplying water to over three million people in 400 Spanish cities. It currently operates one of the most advanced AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) networks in the world.
  • Project location: Spain
  • Project timeframe: 2006 – present
  • Solution applied: GoAigua Meter Insights

Solution applied

The three-phase deployment of the GoAigua Meter Insights solution helped the customer to integrate the data from its meter network into a single platform.

  • First, the necessary connectors were developed to capture the readings, regardless of the vendor.
  • Next, the capacity and reliability of end-customer leak detection algorithms were optimized.
  • The solution was then connected to Global Omnium’s other operating systems, thus adding consumption data to other utility processes. For example, leak alerts were linked to the automatic generation of work orders.
  • Finally, the algorithms needed to manage the meter life cycle were developed and, based on a multivariable analysis, to decide the best time to replace each asset, thus significantly reducing commercial losses associated with metering equipment under registering consumption due to wear and tear.

Benefits and results

Bringing consumption data together in one platform, irrespective of vendors and communication providers, delivered added services for Global Omnium based on consumer usage data.

This included eliminating the need to arrange visits for visual readings, thereby significantly reducing the operational costs (OPEX) associated with this process. In addition, Global Omnium began to reliably detect more than 2,500 internal leaks per month.

Another major benefit was performance monitoring of the communications and meters that made up the infrastructure network, thanks to the holistic overview provided by the GoAigua platform.

Finally, there was an increase in billing, thanks to better management of the metering equipment’s useful life.

Reduction of OPEX

Control over infrastructure

Added services for customers

Increased billing

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