GoAigua SARS Analytics - An Early Warning System for the detection of COVID-19

Governments around the world face the challenge of controlling new outbreaks of the coronavirus. In this situation, where it is also difficult to test the entire population, wastewater can be a key ally.

GoAigua provides an effective tool for timely action by monitoring sanitation networks and integrating distributed data.

GoAigua anticipates coronavirus outbreaks worldwide

GoAigua SARS-Analytics shows the concentration of COVID-19 in wastewater in real time. It identifies the sources of the pandemic and alerts public authorities in order to anticipate possible outbreaks.

The solution integrates the coordination and planning of sampling, analysis and follow-up of laboratory results, and real-time monitoring of key indicators into a single management point.

Managers are guided through the different stages of monitoring, from the implementation process to data analysis and decision-making. The solution has already been implemented in Valencia, Spain, with results verified by the Spanish public research center IATA-CSIC.

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Valencia monitors infection rates in real time

Health officials are getting a near-real-time picture of how the virus is spreading in the neighborhoods of the Spanish city.

They can anticipate official data up to a week in advance and take granular action proactively.

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Sample management and laboratory

The system is capable of efficiently managing samples and associated data. GoAigua SARS Analytics automates workflows, integrates instruments, and manages samples and related information.

  • Sample analysis, tracking and monitoring of results in real time
  • Monitoring of virus concentration at different levels
  • Geolocation of sampling points
  • Mobile application for monitoring the status of analyses

GoAigua SARS Analytics detects virus outbreaks, optimizing the use of resources and providing results in real time

Work orders coordination

Integrated environment with updated information on the status of sampling tasks, and the results of laboratory analysis.

  • Work orders management and planning for efficient sample collection
  • Monitoring of field work status
  • Operator mobility monitoring
  • Mobile app for managing field and laboratory workflows

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    Dashboards and control center

    Real-time monitoring of the most relevant information, and the processes of planning, collection and analysis of samples. Global vision to improve efficiency and decision-making.

    • Personalized dashboards with different hierarchical levels.
    • Visualization of sample points and geolocated work orders in GIS interface.
    • Real-time information on analysis results.
    • Visualization of areas with higher concentrations of the virus, by EDAR, collectors and districts.
    • Integration of meteorological and health data to assist in decision-making.

    First step: consultancy and technical assistance

    Laboratories can receive technical assistance to apply the methodology for quantifying SARS-CoV-2 genomic units in wastewater, and thus implement the early warning system.

    • Advice on the selection and installation of the necessary equipment and materials.
    • Collection of samples in WWTPs and sewage network collectors.
    • Laboratory analysis to quantify the genomic units of COVID-19 in wastewater. Delivery of results.
    • Training of laboratory staff and operators in charge of taking the samples.
    • Identification of optimal sampling points.

    Winner of the Water Technology & Infrastructure Award from Water Europe

    The award recognizes GoAigua SARS Analytics as the best solution for the early detection of COVID-19 in wastewater.

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