Idrica Water Security Day LATAM

Idrica Water Security Day LATAM

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, water is particularly important. Relevant players from Latin America and Spain share in this online meeting their vision on water security, the role of technology and social-related issues.
Water is now more than ever a strategic resource, whose quality and supply must be constant and safe. The meeting, moderated by Alejandro Bazán, Editor of Economics and Finance at Grupo Expansión (Mexico), was attended by:

  • Jaime Barba, CEO Idrica and Water Technology Expert
  • Dra. Judith Domínguez, Coordinator of the Water Security Observatory of El Colegio de México
  • Dr. Román Ortiz, Vice President for Latin America, Cordillera Applications Group (US)

Video of the event

Water quality and supply, has always been a key issue. However, the current context makes us more aware of this.

On the first Idrica Water Security Day, water security was addressed from three different points of view, oriented towards possible solutions in Latin America.

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Climate change, pollution and population growth challenge water availability and quality worldwide. In this context, amplified by COVID-19, innovative technologies such as Big Data or Artificial Intelligence can play a very important role.

Internationally renowned experts discuss the future of technology and water security in the Idrica Water Security Series.

The role of technology in achieving water security

Water is the most valuable resource on our planet. For that reason, continuity and quality of water services are top priorities for the sector. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT) can make it easier and more efficient to manage water systems and make accurate predictions.

In a situation where it is becoming increasingly difficult to protect water resources, GoAigua technology ensures water security and cleanliness by providing managers with the appropriate tools.

About GoAigua

GoAigua is the leading technology to help utilities break informational silos and unlock value out of data.

Water cybersecurity

Water utilities undergoing a digitalization process by means of Big Data, AI or IoT devices must be protected from potential attacks.

GoAigua technological solution includes native security functions for data protection: standard authentication protocols, access control, encryption, APIs protection…

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GoAigua technological solution ensures water security globally by means of innovation

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