What is the potential for Digital Twins in water?

Aquatech and Idrica join forces to empower utilities


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co-authored by Aquatech and Idrica

Water utilities are being boosted by new powerful insights.
How can digital twins lead to better outcomes in the physical world?

This paper showcases how the integration of existing digital technologies and isolated data sets can minimize risk, time and costs in daily operations.

digital twins in water

Read more about three utilities that are unlocking value from this powerful tool:

  • Global Omnium: creating a live Digital Twin in Valencia (Spain)
  • Aarhus Vand: the Digital Twin journey (Denmark)
  • DC Water: merging the physical and natural systems (United States)

Aquatech and Idrica enhance utility collaboration

Aquatech, the world’s leading platform for water professionals, and Idrica, the smart water technology company, join forces to help utilities create certainty in an uncertain future.

“Water utilities are facing a challenging future ahead. Digital Twin strategies address increasing demands coupled with decreasing water availability, climate change and sustainability targets.”

This paper shows how leading companies have embedded digital in the heart of their processes, and have overcome complex challenges along the way.