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Beyond Smart

GoAigua is the leading technology to help utilities break informational silos and unlock value out of data

GoAigua collects information from all distributed data sources in the utility, allowing for a continuous integration of SCADAs, GIS, ERP, AMI, CMMS, IoT sensors, and other legacy systems. Our solutions are being leveraged by more than 400 utilities globally to improve operation & maintenance, asset management, customer experience and resilience.

Process optimization

Drinking water

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Set of technology solutions to optimize water production, treatment and distribution in the network.


GOAIGUA_Waste Water 150x150

Optimization of sewer & storm water networks to prevent events (SSOs, CSOs…) and automate treatment processes.


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Innovation and automation based on advanced algorithms.

Proven ROI

- 20 %
non-revenue water reduction
+ 0 %
operations & maintenance efficiency
+ 40 %
improved customer experience
1980 Tn
CO2 emissions saved

A Smart Approach to Water

Independent to technology

Integration of real-time and historical data from any technology of SCADA, AMI, GIS or other systems already implemented.

Modular architecture

Very easy integration with existing software and solutions in the organization.

Proven and working solutions

Our solutions are working in more than 400 water systems, where operators leverage GoAigua in their daily work.

We come from a water utility

GoAigua was developed within a water utility, as a result of the continuous collaboration between IT & OT professionals.

A modular, scalable and vendor agnostic set of solutions

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Modular Solution

1Business Applications

– Holistic view of the entire system in a single point.
– Cross-functional use cases and analytics.
– Based on micro-services.
– Northbound interface via APIs.

2Smart Water Engine

— Univocal data model and architecture.
— Advanced AI algorithms.

3Data Collection & Integration

— Independent to vendor technology and communications protocol.
— Easy integration with 3rd party data and platforms.

A holistic view of the water cycle


Centralized management tool that provides real time visualization, monitoring, and operation of all assets in the utility. It allows for the integration of real time & historical information from SCADAs, PLCs, and all existing IoT, generating an open environment for operators to access and utilize data. They can also operate assets remotely, and add automation algorithms to improve processes.


Available for: Drinking Water, Wastewater, Irrigation.


Monitoring of drinking water distribution networks at different hierarchical levels, using intelligent algorithms to detect leaks and frauds at early stage, among other functionalities.


Available for: Drinking Water, Wastewater, Irrigation.

Smart Metering

Generation, load and visualisation of readings and alarms from water meters installed at end customers supply points. The application can manage different type of readings available in the market: visual, walk-by, drive-by and fixed network.

Available for: Drinking Water, Irrigation.

Digital Twin

Generation of a virtual copy of the entire system that is constantly paired with reality. It can be used to perform past, present and future simulations, what-if scenarios, control pressure and flows in all points of the network (even in those without a sensor), train new operators, etc. Thanks to GoAigua’s platform, it constantly integrates data from SCADAs, CMMS, distributed IoT sensors, GIS and AMI.

GOAIGUA_Digital Twin

Available for: Drinking Water, Wastewater.

Work orders

The CMMS contains a set of the 110+ types of work orders most commonly used in water systems, from maintenance, to repairs, to lab analysis. It geolocates workers, and optimizes their routes and works, industrializing all utility processes in a revolutionary way.

GOAIGUA_Work Orders

Available for: Drinking Water, Wastewater, Irrigation.


Centralized management of the entire reading-invoicing-collections cycle. The solution is extremely intuitive, and is ready to combine AMI with AMR and manual reading data. All workflows are customized and parametrized in a way that all professionals directly or indirectly related with the process have an easy understanding of the cycle.


Available for: Drinking Water, Irrigation.


This module enables complete customer service management of the commercial water cycle.


Available for: Drinking Water, Irrigation.

Asset Management

The solution automatically performs network renewal master plans for the next years, optimizing for risk level and required investment. It constantly retrieves updated infromation at an asset level, creating customized reports.

GOAIGUA_Asset Management

Available for: Drinking Water, Wastewater, Irrigation.

Service Operation SOC

Module for the integration of all available applications. It provides a single management point for all active solutions and links them together via the data model and GoAigua’s intelligent algorithm engine.


Available for: Drinking Water, Wastewater, Irrigation.

Case Study

Learn how the city of Valencia, Spain addressed the challenge of solving the leaks and frauds in its water network.

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