Smart Water - Simplified.

Completing digital transformation of water utilities across the globe – conserving financial, human, and natural resources and delivering exceptional customer experience

Used by 400+ water utilities globally, GoAigua transforms utilities into smarter, more proactive, more resilient entities. 

GoAigua unifies all digital components of the water utility infrastructure – SCADA, GIS, ERP, AMI/AMR, CMMS, IoT Sensors – into a single utility. Using advanced AI/ML algorithms, GoAigua improves operations, maintenance, asset management, customer experience, and adaptability.

Centralized intelligent management enables real-time sense and response – prioritizing the most important activities.

A Smart Approach to Water

Holistic view

Centralized management of all processes and distributed assets. Different indicators depending on the user’s role.

Independent of technology

Integration of real-time and historical data from any technology provider of SCADAs, AMIs, GIS or any other systems that are already up and running.

Backed-up by water experts

GoAigua draws on the experience of digitally transforming a water utility, which became a reality thanks to the joint efforts of IT&OT professionals.

Proven working solutions

Our solutions are up and running in more than 400 water systems, where operators leverage GoAigua in their daily operations.

Proven Results

0 %
non-revenue water reduction
0 %
improvement in O&M efficiency
40 %
improvement in customer experience
1980 t
reduction in CO2 emissions

Modular, scalable and technology-independent solutions

Vendor Agnostic

All data sources are processed, regardless of suppliers or technologies


GoAigua solutions can be activated or deactivated according to the use cases required


Two-way communication with other platforms and solutions (North/South Bound Interface)


Easy integration of new elements. Stable performance when newly processed and stored data is added.


Encryption of sensitive data. Robust cybersecurity protocols for critical infrastructures.

Data centric

Single data model relating all utility’s assets with their attributes

All solutions integrated and controlled from a single operation center

A Platform for the Entire Water Cycle

Drinking water


Enhance water production, treatment, and distribution in the network



Optimize storm and sewer water networks to prevent overflows and automate treatment processes



Innovate and automate irrigation activities using advanced algorithms

Architecture and distribution models

The GoAigua architecture is divided into three main layers, which contain different components.

1 Business Applications

– Holistic view of the entire system from a single management point
– Cross-functional use cases and analytics
– Based on micro-services
– Northbound interface via APIs

2 Smart Water Engine

— Single data model
— Advanced AI algorithms

3 Data Collection & Integration

— Works with any vendor technology and communication protocols
— Easy integration with third-party data and platforms

All solutions integrated and controlled from a single operation center

GoAigua solutions provide a single management point for all monitored processes. The applications are linked to each other thanks to its single data model and smart algorithms. Data analysis is represented based on a hierarchical navigation model, from a general perspective to a detailed view of each process, depending on the level of analysis required.

Case Study

Learn how the city of Valencia in Spain addressed the challenge of eliminating leaks and fraud in its water network.

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