Innovation and automation of irrigation infrastructure and operation through technological solutions

Irrigation plan guidelines aim to optimize water resource management and improve environmental sustainability. When this is achieved, farmers’ costs and the use of chemicals are reduced, whilst crop production and quality is increased.

GoAigua Irrigation is a technological solution for irrigation associations, which enables the definition of a smart decision-making system based on sensor data and GoAigua’s data model and smart algorithm engine.

Increase efficiency in irrigation systems

Reduction of O&M costs

Improve information on assets, billing and resource consumption

GoAigua Irrigation Solutions

Service Operation Center

Integration of all available applications. Single management point for all active solutions, which are linked together via the data model and GoAigua’s smart algorithm engine.


Overview of the operational status of irrigation associations through the integration of decentralized data and advanced algorithms for decision-making.


Monitoring of drinking water distribution networks to detect fraud and customer and system leaks at an early stage using smart algorithms.


Integration, management and advanced analysis of data from different types of meters and communication methods.


Generation of asset renewal master plans based on cross-functional criteria (materials, historical leaks, complaints, actions, invoicing, mathematical models, etc.)


Field work management and planning focused on predictive, preventive and corrective processes. Mobility App and route optimization for field workers.


Centralized management of the entire reading, billing and payment cycle. Parameterization of processes based on prior definition of rules and criteria.


Comprehensive management of all customer service processes. Irrigation farmers interact directly with the company and receive value-added services via the Virtual Office.

Use Cases

Irrigation associations can integrate the most advanced technologies to improve decision-making processes, use resources smartly and boost efficiency.

Innovation and automation are based on advanced algorithms.

Drinking Water Treatment Plants

  • Real-time remote control system of the day-to-day reality of irrigation associations
  • Remote operation of assets
  • Automatic generation of work orders, based on the previous configuration
  • Flow, pressure and consumption data monitoring for NRW control
  • Water balance generation in each sector for early detection of fraud and leaks
  • Analysis of consumption data to detect leaks, meter failures and fraud in private properties
  • Network asset management
  • Efficient control of incidents
  • Workforce and work routes are optimized. Work is planned and field operations are prioritized.
  • Geo-location of workers via the mobility App and advanced algorithm
  • Interoperability with ERP and CMMS

Complete the digital transformation of your water utility

About GoAigua

GoAigua is the leading technology solution for water cycle management. It enables the integration of multiple data sources and applications, building a cross-functional environment. The solution facilitates decision-making and optimizes the operation and maintenance of water cycle processes.