Optimization of wastewater treatment plants, and sewage and stormwater networks to prevent events and automate processes

Water utility companies must ensure a safe, reliable and cost-effective service for citizens.

The GoAigua solution facilitates decision-making and optimizes processes by building a cross-functional environment and providing a single management point for wastewater services.

Technology plays a key role in addressing the current challenges faced by wastewater treatment companies, which are transforming their management model.

Optimization of aged infrastructures and those running above ideal capacity

Response to the increasing frequency of extreme weather events

Compliance with restrictive regulations and meeting citizens’ demands

GoAigua Wastewater Solutions

Service Operation Center

Integration of all available applications. Single management point for all active solutions, which are linked together via the data model and GoAigua’s smart algorithm engine.


Global vision of the operational status of the company through the integration of decentralized data and advanced algorithms for decision-making.


Monitoring of sewage networks to control infiltrations and non-registered flows, using smart algorithms for early detection.


Control of industrial discharges into sewage networks based on the automation and digital transformation of sampling and continuous measurement.


Real-time model of the sewerage network, linking data taken from sensors to conventional hydraulic models. Simulation of different scenarios and real-time operations.


Rain episode management based on a predictive model that features an “Early Warning System” to anticipate decision-making and activate early action protocols.


Field work management and planning focused on predictive, preventive and corrective processes. Mobility App and route optimization for field workers.


Comprehensive management of all customer service processes. Customers interact directly with the company and receive value-added services via the Virtual Office.


Monitoring of the spread of COVID-19 through massive sewer testing. Estimation of number of cases in the population. Mathematical models to predict future evolution.

Use Cases

GoAigua’s technology supports utilities managing wastewater treatment plants and sewage networks.

The control of assets, processes, extraction, aeration cycles, floods, infiltration and discharges are essential to boost efficiency.

Wastewater Treatment Plants

  • Work on assets, configuration of alarm thresholds and criteria for automatic generation of work orders
  • Digital Twin for simulations and what-if scenarios
  • Monitoring and forecasting reactor concentrations and loads, addition of chemical products, sludge production and cost, etc.
  • Automatic reporting of abnormal results and defining trends
  • Optimization of reagents according to the quality of influents
  • Automatic extraction adjustment of online water systems to reach the process indicators set by the user (sludge age, mass load).
  • Programming of preventive, predictive and corrective work
  • Checks on work status, geo-location of workers
  • Equalization of the inlet flow into the WWTP
  • Fostering of process settling
  • Prevention of shock loads to avoid an increase in energy consumption

Sewage Networks

  • Early warning system for floods, based on rain simulations with mathematical models, for the following 24h
  • Anticipation of flood levels, manhole overflows, etc.
  • Storm tank overflow forecast: start time, duration, total solid load, flow evolution, etc.
  • Support for decision-making in rain events via “what if” scenarios, reducing flooding and/or discharges
  • Identification of discharge patterns
  • Updating of annual VCP planning, including sampling campaigns, discharge detection and industry inspections
  • Definition of sectors, location of sampling points and initial planning
  • Detection of flows in the sewage network that do not come from the drinking water network or from the use of registered industrial wells
  • Groundwater infiltrations and irrigation water that should not be being treated
  • Industrial discharges from wells in industries not paying the wastewater sanitation fee 

Complete the digital transformation of your water utility

About GoAigua

GoAigua is the leading technology solution for water cycle management. It enables the integration of multiple data sources and applications, building a cross-functional environment. The solution facilitates decision-making and optimizes the operation and maintenance of water cycle processes.