Smart solutions to optimise end-to-end management of drinking water supply plants and networks.

GoAigua Water centralizes drinking water utilities’ operational management to reduce costs, maximize efficiency and improve service.

The different modules facilitate decision-making and optimize operational processes, from catchment and treatment to distribution and billing management.

GoAigua water

Water and energy efficiency improvements

GoAigua water

CAPEX reduction and asset value enhancement

GoAigua water

OPEX optimization

GoAigua water

Improvements in grower satisfaction

A single platform for supply management

GoAigua brings together process and infrastructure information in a unique three-layer model: our Smart Water Engine, which collects, processes and standardizes data to provide specific drinking water solutions, and a central BI dashboard for visualizing indicators.

Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua

Our smart solutions


Meter Data Analytics

Remote integration of household consumption, indoor leak detection with AI algorithms and meter lifecycle management


Leak Detection

Water efficiency management is enhanced by detecting and locating leaks and calculating non-revenue water, based on instrumentation.


Unified Network Management

Process automation, autonomous creation of synoptic charts and advanced real-time algorithms based on sensor variables and other infrastructure data sources


Real-time What-If-Scenarios

Digital twin for real-time simulation, smart operations and improved operational decision-making with what-if scenarios


Unified Plant Management

Smart monitoring and operation of water treatment plants, including algorithms for automatic process optimization.


Work Orders

Predictive, preventive and corrective field work planning and management, including mobile application and route optimization.



Optimization of water reading, billing, collection and debt management processes in utilities.


Customer Portal

Digital management of customer relationships, registration, payment processes, etc. Assistance through customer service offices and website

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Simulation, analysis, design, optimization and visualization of the implementation status of Asset Management Plans (AMP).

Centralized management of drinking water processes

Drinking water plants

  • Monitoring of plant assets and operational processes through a single platform
  • Integration of information from multiple data sources: SCADA, sensors, dataloggers, ERP, CMMS, smart metering, GIS, etc.
  • Simple set-up of alarms and operating rules with autonomous creation of synoptic charts
  • Monitoring and control of water quality and control processes
  • Work order management prioritized by economic or operational criteria for each application.
  • Water and energy efficiency of plant processes
GoAigua water
GoAigua water

Distribution networks

  • Advanced water efficiency management both in the distribution network and at the supply points
  • Decision-making support system based on a real-time hydraulic model.
  • Optimization of field routes and automatic work order planning
  • End-to-end management of the network’s meters, devices and communications
  • Digital transformation of customer management processes (payments, direct debits, ownership changes, etc.)

Complete the digital transformation of your water utility

About GoAigua

GoAigua is the leading technology solution for water cycle management. It enables the integration of multiple data sources and applications, building a cross-functional environment. The solution facilitates decision-making and optimizes the operation and maintenance of water cycle processes.