Control and supervision of Giahsa’s sanitation network

  • Client: Gestión Integral del Agua Costa de Huelva, S.A. (Giahsa)
  • Project location: Huelva, Spain
  • Applied solution: Xylem Vue Powered by GoAigua- Unified Network Management

This project focuses on the implementation of the solution Xylem Vue Powered by GoAigua – Unified Network Management, for the remote control and monitoring of the sanitation network of Giahsa. The objective was to improve its facilities management and provide real-time information on the status of the network, as well as to analyze historical data and the integrated equipment operation. In addition, it was also aimed to have a better technical management of public services with effectiveness and efficiency in the administration of the resources committed. The combination of service quality at the lowest possible cost was the fundamental basis of its actions, as a method to achieve a reasonable and comparable tariff system for the level of services demanded.



Giahsa aimed to improve the control, responsiveness and efficiency of its facilities and processes. Once the solution was implemented, different operating environments were developed in order to act based on the new available information.

An alarm application was configured to efficiently supervise each of the installations that made up the project. As well as a series of dashboards and reports which were developed to analyze the performance of the pumps in their infrastructures.

Thanks to this project, Giahsa was able to centralize management and operate its facilities remotely, including wastewater stations, wastewater and rainwater pumping stations, and level meters. Giahsa was able to control its energy consumption and improve detection, notification and response to events based on installed alarms.

The utility has been able to automate operating reports and bring together different dashboards, alarms, and pump performance analysis in one place by having a centralized information system.

Giahsa has reduced its maintenance costs by 20% and improved the efficiency of its network. Gestión Integral del Agua Costa de Huelva, S.A. (Giahsa) is responsible for the management of public water supply, sewerage, water treatment and solid urban waste services in Spain.