Drawing up the 2023-2026 Digital Strategic Plan for EPS SEDACUSCO

  • Client: World Bank
  • Project locationMunicipalities of Cusco and Paucartambo (Peru) 
  • Service: Digital Transformation Consultancy  
  • Project timeframe: 2023 – 2026

The objective of the project was to draw up a Digital Strategic Plan for EPS Sedacusco S.A. for the period 2023-2026. This utility provides drinking water and sanitation services for the provincial municipalities of Cusco and Paucartambo in Peru. 



After assessing the utility’s digital maturity level using a tool designed by the World Bank, the company decided to work with Idrica to provide technical assistance. This has positioned Idrica as a reference service provider for the utility and an invaluable partner on its digital transformation journey. 

This project is part of the World Bank’s Utility of the Future (UOF) global initiative to improve excellence in water and sanitation utilities worldwide, with digital transformation as a key factor in this process. 

The project’s overall objective is to digitally transform all areas of the operator’s business operations, implementing new enabling technologies to modernize the utility and improve service provision. 

 In addition, the deployment of a new IT architecture as an advanced digital business technology platform will enable the company to integrate and organize information from data sources in the field and business applications, thus optimizing information flows, creating knowledge and enhancing decision-making. 

 The project seeks to directly and indirectly optimize the entire business process map: 

  • Operations: it aims to increase staff productivity and build long-term resilience. In addition, smart metering solutions will enable the utility to understand consumption patterns and profiles. 
  • Sales: ad-hoc solutions will improve customer service and engagement. They will also reduce production, maintenance and energy supply costs, improving the utility’s investment capacity and its approach to harnessing new opportunities.  
  • Back-office: the new high-level IT architecture, together with the development of a solid data governance framework, spearheaded by the ICT area, will provide wide-ranging benefits across the entire process map, with a significant impact on back-office processes, such as Purchasing, Finance, Administration and Human Resources. 
  • Strategy: the smart solutions applied in each area will optimize decision-making across the board, especially at senior management level and in the management of aspects such as planning and corporate budgets in the medium- and long-term. They will also boost proactivity in uncertain environments such as crises and emergencies thanks to simulation and forecasting processes.