Integrated management of remote reading data at EMAYA

  • Client: Empresa Municipal de Agua y Alcantarillado de Palma de Mallorca (EMAYA)
  • Project location: Palma de Majorca, Spain
  • Solution: GoAigua platform

The utility EMAYA integrated remote metering data into the GoAigua digital platform, becoming more efficient in processing large amounts of information, monitoring data processing, setting pre-emptive alarms, and analyzing meter reading errors.



Implementation of the GoAigua platform helped EMAYA to ingest data from its smart meter network in three phases. Firstly, the raw data from remote reading was standardized to integrate customer consumption details. The second phase centered on managing alarms and their settings. Finally, reading and alarm errors were quantified.

Thanks to this project, EMAYA acquired a data and alarm processing module, which is completely independent of meter vendors and communication protocols. In addition, the information collected was made available to field operators to help them monitor the meter network. The project led to the creation of new data processing flows, including the option to consult reports and statistics on error records to ascertain their origin. The persistence of data over time was another of the major benefits.

Processes such as billing, asset management, leak and fraud detection, and customer interaction rely heavily on remote meter reading. Therefore, the correct management of the data received was key for EMAYA.

The Empresa Municipal de Agua y Alcantarillado de Palma de Mallorca (EMAYA) collects, supplies and treats more than 30 hm3 of water for 500,000 people, managing 1,540 km of water pipes, among other services.