Integration of process and infrastructure data in Belforest Water System

  • Client: Belforest Water System (BWS)
  • Project location: Alabama, United States
  • Solution applied: GoAigua platform

Through this project, Belforest Water System (BWS) has integrated all data sources from its processes and infrastructures (SCADA, GIS, Lab Results, Billing, AMI, and more) into the GoAigua platform. This has enabled the client to eliminate its information silos and to have a holistic view of data and systems, from any location or device. Creating this single source of truth was key to unlocking advanced analytics and insights for BWS.



This partnership is helping BWS meet the needs of a growing community, and setting them up for long-term success on their digital transformation journey.

With all data sources integrated, BWS is now able to unlock transformative analytics around real-time flows, pressures, and simulations, non-revenue water, consumption, asset management, water availability and water quality.

Founded in 1973, Belforest Water System (BWS) is a non-profit corporation providing water to 5,000+ homes and businesses in the Daphne, Alabama area. Located on the eastern shoreline of Mobile Bay, Daphne has historically been a rural area but recently, it has been experiencing rapid development.