Implementation, support and maintenance of a new SCADA system at ESVAL

  • Project location: Valparaiso, Chile
  • Project timeframe: 2022 – present
  • Solution applied: GoAigua Water Twin

This project consists of the implementation, support and maintenance of the GoAigua Water Twin solution in the Chilean operator ESVAL-AGUAS DEL VALLE. The objective is to upgrade the company’s SCADA system to address technological obsolescence, enhance alarm management and speed up the utility’s digital transformation. The aim is to optimize both ESVAL-AGUAS DEL VALLE’s services and operations, as well as the availability of information for decision-making.



The project is being rolled out in two phases, the first of which involves replacing the current SCADA system to guarantee it is secure and works correctly. The second phase aims to generate a new OT network architecture at SCADA system level. Additionally, it seeks to bridge possible technical gaps that may compromise operational stability.

This contract will provide ESVAL-AGUAS DEL VALLE with high-level automation in its processes and excellent connectivity with its other systems. In addition, the utility will have an updated system, with functionalities that are at the vanguard of technology in the water sector, and with the ongoing support of Idrica as the solution’s supplier.

In addition, this system update implies a reduction of possible errors in daily operations, as well as improvements in speed and response times. All of this is accompanied by GoAigua Water Twin’s security protocols,  providing cutting edge technology in the field of cyber-security. 

The main benefit of Idrica’s GoAigua Water Twin solution is that it will enable ESVAL-AGUAS DEL VALLE to deploy operational optimization modules which, together with the versatility of the algorithm integration tool, will provide ESVAL-AGUAS DEL VALLE with a comprehensive solution for its Operational Intelligence Department.

ESVAL-AGUAS DEL VALLE produces and distributes drinking water, as well as collecting and treating water in Valparaiso, Chile. It also operates in the Coquimbo region through its subsidiary, Aguas del Valle.