Smart irrigation pilot for green areas in Qatar

  • Client: Qatar Public Works Authority (Ashghal)
  • Project location: Al Khor (Qatar)
  • Project timeframe: 2020-2022
  • Solution applied: GoAigua Smart Green

The implementation of the GoAigua Smart Green solution managed to increase the hydraulic efficiency of the irrigation networks and optimized the volume of water required to irrigate the green areas in Qatar, optimizing irrigation amounts and frequencies for the plants.

smart irrigation


The main challenge was to set up a comprehensive monitoring and smart management center for the irrigation infrastructures run by the Qatar Public Works Authority (Ashghal). This involved deploying the GoAigua Smart Green solution, based on the use of advanced algorithms and machine-learning mechanisms.

The first phase of the project included consultancy on the irrigation system’s efficiency. After this initial stage, the network was redesigned, soil moisture and weather sensors were installed, and technical assistance was provided to unify data models and attributes.

Thanks to this operations center, the client had access to real-time monitoring and remote control of the status of geographically dispersed assets. In addition, it was able to automate irrigation setting optimal frequencies and amounts of water, as well as to remotely control its assets, and receive alarms when there were possible leaks or problems in the network.

This project represented a further step in the digital transformation of Ashgal. The benefits achieved include real-time remote control of assets and parameters, the analysis of irrigation trends, and obtaining historical data about its assets. OPEX and water and energy consumption have also been reduced, bringing environmental benefits, in line with the national vision on sustainability.

The Qatar Public Works Authority is the agency responsible for the design, construction, delivery and maintenance of projects related to stormwater and wastewater treatment and the distribution of treated water.