5G - a game changer for the water industry

The autonomous operation of plants, the use of data in real time and the remote driving of robots are just a few examples of how 5G will build smarter water utilities.

5G – a game changer for the water industry

Read this whitepaper for insights into:

  • Why the ultra-flexibility of 5G networks is so important.
  • What eMBB, MIoT and URLLC technologies are, and what use cases they are suitable for.
  • How network slicing increases reliability and quality of service.
  • Why edge computing is key to processing data close to its source.
  • Which use cases are set to revolutionize the water industry, including new security protocols to stop cyber-attacks.

It is no coincidence that the world’s major powers are competing to spearhead the development of this technology. Would you like to know why the implementation of the most innovative use cases depends on 5G?

Check out this whitepaper for an in-depth view of 5G applications in the water sector, including an analysis by Chema Nebot, Head of Business Development at Idrica and an expert in this technology.

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